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How to Play the Lottery

This question is hard to answer because each lottery has its set of rules. Most types of lotteries involve choosing a set of numbers. The amount of numbers depends on the lottery. Then, there is a drawing of numbers. If an individual’s numbers match the drawn numbers, he or she wins.

Most lotteries offer three ways to win:

1. Some or all of the numbers match
2. A particular combination of the numbers match
3. Numbers match in a specific position or area (similar to bingo)

Mega Millions is an example of one lottery. With the Mega Million, five numbers are drawn from 75, and then one number is drawn from 15. All six numbers must match to win the big jackpot.

Most lottery cards cost $1 or $2, but this amount also depends on the lottery game being played. Other state lotteries involve more than the joint-state lotteries. These other lotteries include Keno, scratch tickets, sweepstakes and a variety of others.

A person picks up to fifteen numbers for a Keno game. The more numbers a person picks; the more numbers that need to be matched to win. However, the prize increases with the more numbers that a person chooses.

Scratch tickets range in price from $1 to $20. The tickets have a variety of themes associated with the time of year. For example, during Christmas time, Christmas themed scratch tickets are available. The prizes are bigger on the more expensive tickets. Each scratch game has its set of rules.

Sweepstakes were once considered lotteries which were regulated by the gambling laws. These laws prevented companies and states from abusing sweepstakes. Today, sweepstakes are ‘no purchase necessary to win’ to allow companies to offer sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes are typically not offered by states anymore. Companies offer sweepstakes to draw customers into their businesses. Some examples of these types of sweepstakes are McDonald’s Monopoly game, Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes, and Publisher’s Clearing House.

How to Collect Lotto Winnings

If the prizes are under a certain amount, a person can return to the place where the ticket was purchased. Most states cap this amount at $600. For example, if a person buys a scratch ticket from the local gas station and wins $599, he or she can collect the winnings from the gas station.

For winnings that are greater than $599, a person will have to contact the state lottery office. Typically, these lottery offices are located in the state capital.

When playing the larger games (Powerball and Mega Millions), it is possible for more than one person to win. For example, three people from three different states may have matched all six numbers in the Mega Millions. The jackpot would be split, in this case, evenly between the three individuals.

If the monies are a colossal amount, they will not be paid out in full. The winner(s) are given two options which are to receive yearly payments or a lump sum. The annual annuity is paid out over a 20 to 40 year period.

If an individual chooses the lump sum, he or she only receives 60% to 70% of the total jackpot. However, the entire amount is paid at one time.

The government must get its portion of the winnings also. 25% will be withheld up front, and another 40% will be owed the following tax season.

If a person is wondering if he or she has a winning ticket or not, it is possible to take the ticket to a local authorized seller, and they can check it. Most state lottery offices also offer phone numbers and sheet listings to check the ticket.

A lottery ticket does have an expiration date which is typically between 30 to 360 days after the game has ended. The game itself will also have rules that may need to be followed to collect any winnings.

Photocopying a winning lottery ticket will provide evidence of the winnings. This step is especially important if the lottery ticket has to be mailed to the state lottery office.

Lump Sum or Annual Payment?

When considering this question, taxes should not be taken into account, because the winner will pay the same amount of taxes regardless of the payment.

Business magazines suggest taking a lump sum if the person believes taxes will increase over time. If a flat-tax or reduction in taxes will occur, the annual payments make more sense.

It is also important to consider what the individual will do with the money. If money is invested, the lump sum will provide better returns than an annual payment.

Online Lottery

All of the above information is referring to offline lotteries. However, some lotteries are also offered online. The lotto, keno, and scratch tickets can be played online.

These games can be found by going to the state lottery website. This website will give you access to the large joint-state lottery games and the state’s other available lottery games such as scratch tickets.

Jackpocket is an app that is offered to play the lottery. A person can use this app to buy tickets online using a compatible device. Some states offer their own app to purchase lottery tickets. Washington is one of these states.

It is also possible to play the lottery at sportsbooks and casinos online. These sites offer both fake money lotteries and real money lotteries.

A player must be careful when playing online because some of these sites do not have a license to provide these services in the United States. This lack of a permit does not mean the site isn’t legit but does have some additional risks.

How to Choose to Lucky Lottery Numbers?

Some ideas for choosing lottery numbers:

• Roll dice
• Numbers off a calendar
• Pick the most popular numbers in lottery history
• Previous winning numbers
• Quick pick
• Other people’s lucky numbers or birth dates
• An individual’s lucky numbers or birth dates
• Kid’s birth dates
• Spouse’s birth dates

Ten Largest Lottery Jackpots Ever Won

10. $429.6 million-one person on May 7, 2016-Powerball

9. $448.4 million-three individuals on August 7, 2013-Powerball

8. $487 million-one individual on July 30, 2016-Powerball

7. $536 million-one person on July 8, 2016-Mega Millions

6. $564.1 million-three people on February 11, 2015-Powerball

5. $587.5 million-two people on November 28, 2012-Powerball

4. $590.5 million-one person in May 2013-Powerball

3. $648 million-two people on December 17, 2013-Mega Millions

2. $656 million-three winners on March 30, 2012-Mega Millions

1. World’s largest jackpot ever-$1.586 billion-three winners on January 13, 2016-Mega Millions.