EuroJackpot winner – 87 million lottery jackpot lands in Tampere, Finland

An all-time record high win in the Eurojackpot lottery has landed in Finland. The lucky winner will receive a colossal 87 million euros. The winning number combination was played in the Lielahti K-citymarket in Tampere.  This week’s 5 + 2 winner receives EUR 86 970 700 to be exact. Main numbers were 6, 22, 33, 46 and 49 and the star numbers 1 and 5.

Eurojackpot is an European-wide lottery played in 17 countries. According to Veikkaus, the state-owned gaming company, the 87 million euro jackpot is Finland’s biggest lottery win ever. The sum is also the third largest Eurojackpot award sum ever, with only two previous 90 million jackpots landing in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Spokespeople of the Finnish Lottery Authority explains that profit is the highest ever come to Finland. The biggest possible sum of EUR 90 million. Eurojackpot has been played in Finland for five years and this time is thee 11th time Finland got the jackpot. Previous, a jackpot worth of € 10 million came in Espoo in May 2016.

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