About Lotto Subscriptions

For the serious player, lotto subscriptions are where it is at since they allow continuous play without having to continually purchase the numbers over and over. It amounts to a running lotto bet without the hassle of upkeep for as long as the purchased span covers. Anyone wanting to never miss a drawing despite the inconveniences that life can sometimes bring will want to take advantage of this great feature of the premier contests such as EuroMillions, US Powerball, EuroJackpot and most of the other dominant games in the business.

How to purchase your Lotto Subscription?

The renewal time frame is one of the key components within any subscription purchase and will define how often the numbers are played and for how long which in turn determines the total cost of the setting of the series of bets. The usual options to set for the renewal period is the amount of weeks to play for. For example, a player might want to set up a subscription for a certain amount of weeks like with LottoLand where this can be 2, 4, 8, 26 or 52 weeks. If you want to link it to an account and have direct debit, then this period can often be set to indefinite so that the numbers continue to play until it is canceled or the numbers become a winner.

Lotto Renewals and Billing Cycle

Another great feature for subscriptions is that the numbers can be played only when the jackpot is at a certain point such that the reward will be guaranteed to be great if a winner is chosen. The renewal period chosen will be effective billing cycle such that if the subscription is set to play every two weeks then that is the frequency with which the sum will be deducted from the account. The jackpot threshold is great for strategic players since the mathematics can work out to make it advantageous (or at least not as strategically disadvantageous) to play certain lottery games at some point. Take the PowerBall drawing where it is theoretically profitable to play at a jackpot of about $584 million. That is due to the ticket costing two dollars and the chance of winning being about 1 in about 292 million.

Taxes increase that jackpot threshold even higher, but everyone knows that there is a thrill from having a chance to hit the big one which cannot be found elsewhere, and so it can still be enjoyable to play until the jackpot ever reaches those astronomical sums. In most instances, that level of a jackpot has never been reached, but the break-even point is lower and can be encountered many times.

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LottoLand and some other online places will often offer a variation on the basic subscription which is called the JackpotHunt subscription. Ticking this box means that the chosen numbers will continue to be played until someone (hopefully yourself) hits the jackpot at which point the subscription is nullified.

There are still some great tips that can help increase the profits if a jackpot is hit through a subscription. The first tip is to avoid using quick picks or random selections which are based on sets which actually limit the odds to the lowest possibility within each drawing. Use the entire board rather than trying to play the birth dates of loved ones as well as other common numbers which will have an increased number of people playing the same ones. That means that the chances of having to split the pot multiple ways are even higher with that type of pick such that many times twenty to forty different people may all hold a winning ticket if there is a date within the chosen balls.
Stay with your personal instincts and be consistent across the board. It is best to add some variation to the chosen numbers when playing them across various tickets as that gives a greater chance and realization when an eventual winner is finally chosen. Just be sure to keep the budget within a tolerable range so that money is not spent that is needed elsewhere. It can get quite expensive to play hundreds of variations, and there are many people who do so at the demise of their family and necessities. Karma will reward those who keep it reasonable and look for opportunities to play when they have a little extra to spend here and there.

Group Play and Lotto Syndicates

One final trick that might help in earning some winnings through the lottery channels is to use a subscription that allows for a group play such that many people pool their resources together aiming high in order to try and pull of the big one. With up to one hundred different players all combining into the same pool this multiplies the chances of winning by about as many players as is in any given pool. So for that same two dollars, it can be a hundred different chances, and this can be tied in with a subscription as well to have a recurring chance. Not every online provider is going to offer this feature, so there might need to be some shopping around done to find the best avenue of approach here.

Lotto Subscriptions Rules

All of the same general rules apply with Lotto subscriptions except that each state or country may have a few slight variations depending on the game selected. It is best to check the provider for all of the relevant details to insure the best opportunity for a fair chance at winning. Late lotto bets and missed holidays are a thing of the past with subscriptions. Powerball and Euromillions are some of the hottest tickets around with a fever spreading online and throughout the respective markets such that the lines can be long when purchasing at a brick and mortar store location. Search online for providers such as Lottoland.com who allow the convenience of never leaving the house. These different providers who act as go-betweens and proxies should be closely examined to find the one which offers the ideal setup for subscription players.