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The Background of The National Lottery UK

The background of the national UK lottery is a fascinating one. The tickets for it are available everywhere at supermarkets and even petrol stations. Anyone who wants to try the national lottery in the UK is able to do so. It’s an easy and fun way to support the local area. Most people don’t know […]

Classical History of Lottery and How it All Began

The classical history of the lottery is an interesting story. Most people don’t know how and why it began in the first place. Here is a brief overview and some fun tips on how it all came to be. The lottery officially began back 205. That’s right, not 2005, 205 B.C. The Han Dynasty started […]

Two U.S Postal Service workers win $8.3M Lotto jackpot in New York Lottery

New York Lottery Winners scores $8.3M Jackpot   Elizabeth Kelly, 56, and Randi Bernstein, 63, have been friends for over 20 years but only recently started playing the lottery together, according to the New York Lottery. “I buy the tickets and she checks the numbers,” Bernstein said. When Kelly realized they were winning numbers, she […]

$150,000 powerball

The classic Powerball delivers. Maybe not a life changing win, but still a good start on a new house or a really nice car. Powerball is usually that lottery you relate to the really big winnings. The lottery that produces millionaires. To sign up for a potential Life Changing lottery win, check these reviews out. Lottoland […]

Lottery keep rising in March!

Impressing rise by Arkansas lottery. The trend with Lottery is keep increasing. As the family way of enjoy gambling, Lotto is humongous. Millions of people every week are going to the shops to renew their lottery ticket or to participate in a new drawing. The different characters of Lotteries that is growing are also contributing […]

$60 million dollar win, and the lucky winner is still unaware..

The state of Arizona’s have got themselves a new millionaire! Providing he gets in touch and claim the win within 180 days..   JACKPOT! Lottery player holding $60 million dollar winning ticket after buying it in Littlefield LITTLEFIELD, AZ – A lucky lottery player is holding a $60 million ticket after purchasing it in Littlefield, […]