The Background of The National Lottery UK

The background of the national UK lottery is a fascinating one. The tickets for it are available everywhere at supermarkets and even petrol stations. Anyone who wants to try the national lottery in the UK is able to do so. It’s an easy and fun way to support the local area. Most people don’t know where it began though. Most just assume that the lottery was always there. It turns out that it wasn’t. There is some history. Here’s a bit of that on how it began in classical times back in Europe, and ended up in the UK.

It all started in 1566. The then Queen Elizabeth began the lotto as a way to raise funds for the ‘reparation of the heavens and strengths of the real me and toward such other public good works.’ Now, if you don’t speak old world English what that really means is: this money is going to help the Royal Navy to be funded and help also develop ports in England against Spain, Portugal and even Holland to establish the best colonies in the world. Those are serious goals. Entries were 10 shillings a piece, and the winner was able to get payouts in annual increments. That means they were able to get money for years to come and not have to work. Now that’s what I call winning the lottery.

As time went by the average person wanted to get involved in the lottery in the UK as well. The only people that could afford to play it were the gentry. That means the people that actually had money. We’re not talking just a little bit of money, we’re talking about serious cash. In an effort to help the common everyday man be able to participate the crown began to sell off rights to do it for brokers to be able to turn around and have their agents sell to the local masses. OK, so the everyday man really couldn’t buy a ticket, but it was a start. The times were definitely changing and shortly after the war, Britain had finally won the right to be able to have the UK national lottery. It was a huge success and the lotto system has been revamped time and time again over the years to make it one of Britain’s favorite weekly events. It’s little wonder why. People make money and the crown makes money to fund the government. It’s definitely a winning combination. Still, there were hick-ups to come into the system.

Around 1930 the lottery system was addressed and the British public demanded to be able to play. It would take a few years though before this could actually come to be. The crown felt that it was a form of gambling and outlawed it for years. That meant that if you played it, you could be locked up in jail. Obviously, people did not like that and many Britain’s in the UK found a creative way to get around it. They started what is called the UK National lottery, and made a jackpot like the American mega millions. Once it was put in place Britain’s loved it.

Today you must be a UK resident in order to be able to claim the prize. This can be tricky sometimes. There are many people who are not residents of UK that buy tickets because anybody can buy tickets. Then they go to cash in their claimed prize and are very disappointed. There is a workaround though. If a guest of the country knows a local resident of UK they can get those people to cash out the rewards. Of course, it goes without saying that that person should be somebody trustworthy. The national UK lottery has 500 years of history now and is a weekly events broadcast every Saturday night.

Fun facts:

– In 2016, on April 7th, an anonymous winner took home 35.1 million pounds when they won.
– There are 44% of winners that lost everything after.
– There are 48% of people that win that keep their day jobs.
– Winning increases your chance for happiness by only 50%.
– There was one man that won the lotto four times.