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Eurojackpot is one of the hottest multi-national lotteries that grants players a great chance of walking out as winners with their massive jackpot prices. The lottery was launched in 2012. However, its history originates a bit earlier in 2011 when several European nations met up in Amsterdam to discuss the prospects of setting up the second pan-European lottery game. The intention was for the game to allow even more nations access a multimillion Eurojackpot weekly. The wheels were rolled and by 23rd March 2012, the lottery was up and rolling.
The lottery is a concept created by West German Lotto Company who were up to lock horns with EuroMillions. Many countries in the region could not enjoy the offerings of EuroMillions thus there existed a gap. Eurojackpot was to fill in the gap and allow more people to access the regular multi-million jackpots it offers.
The first draw on the 23rd of March took place in Helsinki, Finland and included a guaranteed €10,000,000 minimum jackpot. The game rules and the prices were almost similar to those of EuroMillions only that it came with better odds of winning the jackpot.
The lottery has since grown and currently allows participants from 17 countries across Europe.

The Website design, Look and Feel

There are more than 15 countries that access the offering of the lottery sight. Given that players come from various parts of Europe, the design employed was meant to make it easier and more convenient for the players. The main site one will land on when they load the sites link ( is quite simple in design. It contains the map of Europe and the various countries that participate in the lottery. Each country has its individual and unique URL attached to it. Therefore, for a participant to play, they have to click on their country to follow the link that leads them to their national website.

The various websites for the hosts in the different countries have their own unique designs and graphics. From there is where the players can get to access the various games, lottery tickets and jackpots that Eurojackpot offers. However, one thing they all have in common is the simplicity. The various offerings are well-defined and cannot be missed by anyone even if they have never used the site before.
The EuroJackpot logo on the main site is golden in color. The symbol is three-dimensional and represents a glamorous, winning and showbiz world. The golden color, perhaps, represents the attractive payoffs and the possible wealth that one could land overnight from the site.

Markets, Languages and Currencies

eurojackpot countriesEurojackpot is available to 17 countries. The participating countries include Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Spain. Slovakia is one of the newest members since it joined the list of participating countries late in 2015.
The different countries speak different languages and the same translates to how the individual country web sites operate. The language used in a particular site coincides with the country’s national language. The languages supported include English, German, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Croatian, Estonian, Icelandic and Russian. That means that a player can play from whichever country the want, as long as they are part of the Eurojackpot family.
The major currency that is supported across all the member countries is the Euro. The Euro currency is the currency acceptable in all the member countries and hence makes it more convenient to have it as the major currency.

The Lottery

Basically, anyone can play the Eurojackpot. However, if one is not a member of any of the participating counties, they will be required to buy the lottery tickets through via an online concierge. The way it works is simple. The concierge will buy the lottery tickets on one’s behalf. There are various online operators one could get their lottery ticket from and hence one can play from literally anywhere.
Playing is, also, pretty simple. Actually, it is some sort of a Powerball-like lotto game where you are required to pick numbers from a number of fields. In this case, particularly, a player is required to manually select 5 numbers from a set that ranges from 1 to 50. The player still has to pick additional 2 numbers from a set of numbers ranging from 1 to 10. If the 7 numbers one would have randomly picked match the numbers that are picked at the official draw, then one gets to walk away with the jackpot. Do not forget that the jackpot starts from a minimum of €10,000,000.
The beauty of this particular lottery is that it offers a greater chance of winning. Actually, there are 12 different ways a player can win. Of course matching all the 7 numbers is what leads to a maximum payoff. The chances that one will match all the 7 selected number to clinch the whole jackpot amount is 1 in millions. However, if you manage to 5 and even less of 5, there are still payoffs for the same. The secondary payoffs have a higher chance of being attained and are, also, quite attractive. Also, there are various playing options. One can play alone, with a group or they can play with a special package.

Playing on Mobile/ Tablet, iPhone and Android

The online platform has revolutionized the world. Gadget manufacturers are making devices more and more irresistible to man and this leads to people spending much of their time on their phones and tablets. They are very convenient since they can be carried anywhere and function just as effectively as a desktop computer. As such, the app market has had a boom. Eurojackpot has not been left behind. The aim is to have more people from the participating countries and beyond play the lottery.
There is a Eurojackpot app that is available for both iOS user and Android users. The app can be installed to one’s mobile phone or their tablet. Either way, it functions the same and offers even much more benefits as compared to loading the website.
With the app, one gets to receive the latest Eurojackpot results immediately they are announced. This includes the breakdown of the weekly results and the necessary information regarding the next jackpot. The app has a ticket checker which helps one check their ticket against the winning results. In case one does not trust their picks they can use the number generator to randomly pick the seven numbers for them. The results archives allow you to access the winning numbers for every jackpot draw from the first game played back in March of 2012.
The app is, also, multilingual hence anyone can use it as long as they understand any of the languages it comes with.

The Lotto Packages

There are 3 packages that Eurojackpot offers. They include the standard, Syndicate and the Bundle. With the personal entry tickets, one can win millions. With this package, one gets to pick their own lucky number and if they win they get to keep all the winnings to themselves.
The Syndicate package allows on to win up to hundreds of thousands. While it comes with a lower payoff, it is much cheaper in terms of what it costs and boosts the chances of winning since people play as a group.
The bundle is the real deal if one intends to boost their chances of winning while at the same time walk away with a lot of money if they won. A standard ticket plus a syndicate equals a bundle. Instead of making two purchases, the two syndicate and the standard have been combined into one cost-effective bundle package.

Lotto Bonuses

If one is a new player, then they stand a chance of enjoying the bonus offers that the various companies offering the lottery offer. The various hosts have their own unique rewards to new players. The rules put in place are, also, quite different. With the various free tickets, one might just be lucky and walk away with tens of millions in just their first game.
Besides the welcome bonus that the various host offers, the secondary prices, also, offer more chances to even more to people to walk away as winners. Getting the big money is hard – basing on the statistics – but the secondary prices that come when you match several numbers but less than seven allows people to win some attractive amounts.
There are various promotions that are run by the various hosts too. One common promotion is the one by Lottoland Promo codes where when you buy one ticket you get another one for free which is charged on the house. romotion is the one by Lottoland Promo codes where when you buy one ticket you get another one for free which is charged on the house.
The bonus offers and the promotions are numerous and vary depending on the host one selects. Therefore, one can only play the Eurojackpot if they would like to not only figure out but also, enjoy the various offers, bonuses and promotions offered by the various hosts.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The various Eurojackpot hosts strive to ensure that depositing and withdrawal of cash are safe and convenient for all users. They strive to keep player’s lottery experience with them extremely secure to avoid cases of people being hacked and robbed of their money.
The depositing method is quite the same for most if not all of the hosts. One is required to first login then select their preferred lottery. After selecting their 7 lucky number, they will have to proceed to the checkout section where they will be required to select their preferred payment options from the list of acceptable payments options available. Once they have confirmed that they are good to go. Players, also, have the option to deposit money into their account by following the depositing steps in their accounts.
The cashing out process is simple and straight forward too for the various hosts. The player is required to log in to their account after which they will request their cash out. They will have to select the payment method that is most suitable and convenient for them.
The payment options one chooses will depend on what the host supports; although most of the payment options are the same across the various hosts in the various countries. Some of the top payment options available include Skrill, Visa Cards, Neteller and bank transfers. Visa takes 1 to 3 days to process a cash out. The rest, however, are much faster and the transactions are instant.
One should be careful and cautious at all time to avoid giving up confidential information that could lead to them being robbed. It is, also, important that one checks the information they have provided to ensure that transactions to a wrong account are averted.

Support and Assistance

It is very common for a player to face various challenges when attempting to take part in the lottery when signing up, when conducting transactions in their accounts and when they have various pressing questions that they would like to have answers for. One thing that is common in most of the Eurojackpot host is that they have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. The page contains most of the common question people always have about Eurojackpot. It is likely that one’s question is available in the list of questions on that page.
Another option that one could use visiting the support and feedback tab. From the resulting dialogue box or page, you can ask your question to the host support team who will be available to offer assistance to you. The steps there are very simple and straightforward and should not be difficult to follow.
An additional option to explore in case one has issues that they would want to sort out is the live chatting with the host’s support staff. The tab for this is, also, available on the various sites for the various hosts with this option. You can receive live support and resolve any issues and get answers to all the questions you might have.

Final Verdict

Eurojackpot has been in existence for year offering thousands, if not millions, of people an opportunity to become instant millionaires. It has all the right features to support the various countries that take part in the lottery. The graphics, the multilingual feature and even the boosted chances of winning make it an attractive lottery game for anyone to play.

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