EuroMillions Superdraw is back!

EuroMillion super-draw gives you a chance to win 130 million pounds on 15th September. Read on for more on Euromillions super draw.

For the first time in four draws, EuroMillions jackpots were won on 1st September for the third time in 4 draws. The jackpot was won by a French player taking the overall winners by country tally to 87. Since its inception in 2004, French players have dominated the jackpot winners pool followed closely by Spain.

For the 1st September draw, the Lucky Stars were 5 & 8 and the winning numbers were 3, 7, 8, 14 and 19.Three other participants,  from Portugal, Spain and UK, matched the five winning numbers and one lucky star to win €344,019 each. Another 5 participants matched the 5 winning numbers to take home €48,075 each.

Prizes won ranged from €4 for 2 matching numbers to €2,672 for 4 matching numbers plus 2 lucky stars.

As it currently stands, France has 5 more jackpot winners over any other country participating in EuroMillions. Spain has a total of 82 winners while UK and Portugal have 68 and 66 winners respectively.

Over the last few weeks, there has been an amazing run of winners after the £40.5 million was landed by yet another French player on 22nd August. A UK player scooped €17 million in the following draw.

This month is expected to be the crescendo of the excitement with the €130 million super draw slated for 15th September. There are a couple of more draws before the super draw.

The 15th September event offers a guaranteed top prize of about £115 million. You may be wondering how the numbers can be known in advance and what it means for the draws in between but we have the answers for you.

How do you know the jackpot top prize?

It is worth noting that the 15th event will be a super-draw. A super draw is the mother of all draws. Other draws that have been taking place throughout the year are just to give players a chance to win lower jackpots before the super-draw. Generally, all countries participating in the draw agree on when a super-draw should be scheduled and a guaranteed jackpot is advertised. Eventually, the top prize is then magnified to match the advertised amount. The size of the previous draw does not come into play as far as the super-draw is concerned.

Can the top prize be won in other preceding draws?

Yes. However, it does not matter whether the jackpot is won in any other draw prior to the super-draw. The top prize will always be raised to match the advertised amount. Therefore, even if the jackpot is won before 15th September, there will still be a €130 million super-draw.

The funds for a super-draw are drawn from the booster fund. The EuroMillions Booster Fund receives 4.8% of the common prize fund. The booster fund ensures that there is always enough money for the €17 million minimum jackpot. To participate in the super-draw, you can either buy a ticket from an authorized dealer or you can just choose your numbers online