Goldencasket Lottery review

History of the Golden Casket:

The Golden Casket was founded in 1916 by the Entertainment Committee of the Queensland Patriotic Fund. The original purpose of the lottery was to provide financial assistance to World War I soldiers and their families. The lottery held its first drawing on June 14, 1917.

The name Golden Casket is quite apt given that the lottery’s first prize was a casket of gold valued at £5,000. Tickets for the first drawing cost 5 shillings, and the first winner was John (Jack) Zimmerle from Kingston. Zimmerle’s brother was serving in World War I in France.

Zimmerle didn’t get to keep the casket of gold because cash prizes were illegal in 1917. So in order to get the winner cash, the lottery immediately purchased the casket of gold from the winner for its cash value. Today Zimmerle would have been ineligible to win the prize because he was only 17. But in 1917 his parents were able to petition the lottery to hold his prize in trust until he turned 21.

In 1920 the Queensland government officially took over the Golden Casket lottery. This version of the lottery initially funded 2% of the government’s budget. Over the next 100 years, the Golden Casket grew into today’s lottery that funds many programs that serve the community. In 2016, the lottery added the Lott symbol to indicate that it is part of Australia’s national lottery system.

The Golden Casket Website:

The Golden Casket’s website can be found at The site provides visitors with a wide variety of information about the lottery. The top of each page features a menu bar that provides links to pages with information on:

  • Games;
  • Results;
  • How to play;
  • Buying tickets;
  • The winners circle;
  • About the lottery; and
  • A FAQs page.

The menu button for each page also has a drop-down menu to access various subpages for each category. On the left side of the menu there is always a link to the home page so that users can easily return to the main page no matter where they are at on the site.

The home page provides direct links to purchase tickets for several of the lottery’s games. The home page also provides the most recent results for several games and information on upcoming draws, including projected prizes. There is also a direct link for players to share their winning feeling stories. Finally, the home page also provides links to download the lottery’s IOS and Android mobile apps.

The Golden Casket’s Games:

The Golden Casket offers both draw based games and instant scratch tickets. The lottery’s draw based games are:

  • Gold Lotto;
  • Oz Lotto;
  • Powerball;
  • Set For Life;
  • Lucky Lotteries;
  • The Pools; and
  • Super 66.

Gold Lotto is a traditional lottery draw game. The game has balls numbered 1-45. The lottery draws 6 main numbers plus 2 supplementary numbers. To win the top prize contestants must match all 6 of the main numbers drawn. Gold Lotto draws occur on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. The top prize for the Saturday draw is usually $4 million, but there are also periodic “Superdraws” for $20 million, and a Christmas “Megadraw” for $30 million or more. The top prize for Monday and Wednesday draws is $1 million for up to 4 winners. Gold Lotto also has 5 lower prize levels that are based on picking a combination of the main numbers and the supplementary numbers.

Oz Lotto is a draw game in which players pick 7 main numbers and 2 supplementary numbers. The available numbers range from 1-45. Drawings occur every Tuesday night, and the top prize ranges from $2 million to $50 million or more. To win the top prize, players must have selected on their ticket all seven of the main numbers drawn. Oz lotto also offers 6 smaller prize levels that are based on picking a combination of the main numbers and supplementary numbers.

Powerball draws occur every Thursday evening. Powerball is a draw game with a top prize ranging from $3 million to $50+ million. The Powerball game features two barrels of balls. The first barrel has 40 balls from 1-40. The second barrel contains 20 balls 1-20. To win the top prize contestants must match 6 numbers drawn from the first barrel and the 1 Powerball number drawn from the second barrel. Players can also win one of 7 smaller prizes based on correctly selecting various combinations of the main numbers and the Powerball number.

Set For Life is a draw game that offers a top prize of $20,000 per month for 20 years. The game consists of balls numbered 1-37. Set For Life is a daily game in which 10 balls are drawn. The first 8 drawn balls are the winning numbers, and the last two drawn are bonus numbers. To win the top prize, contestants must match all 8 of the winning numbers. Players can win one of 7 smaller prizes, that are not spread over time like the main prize, by matching various combinations of the winning and bonus numbers. A unique feature of this game is that purchased tickets are valid for draws on seven consecutive days rather than just a single draw.

Lucky Lotteries is a raffle-style game. There are actually two different games that players can choose from. Super Jackpot Lucky Lotteries offers a guaranteed top prize of $100,000, whereas Mega Jackpot Lucky Lotteries offers a guaranteed top prize of $200,000. In Super Jackpot there are 270,000 available numbers. But there are only 200,000 available numbers in Mega Jackpot. Draws occur once all of the numbers for the game have been sold. Each drawing guarantees 10,000+ winners. Each game has 10 prize levels. In Super Jackpot the guaranteed prizes range from $10 to $100,000, and in Mega Jackpot the prizes range from $12 to $200,000. In addition, each game has the opportunity to win free tickets. Finally, once all of the guaranteed prizes are awarded, a jackpot number is drawn. If the jackpot number matches one of the previously drawn guaranteed prize winning numbers, the holder of that ticket wins the jackpot plus their guaranteed prize. For Super Jackpot the jackpot starts at $500,000 and increases by $130,000 for each draw in which it is not won. For Mega Jackpot the jackpot starts at $1 million and increases by $240,000 for each draw in which it is not won.

The Pools is a lottery game that is based on the results of football (soccer) matches. The game offers 5 different prize levels. Draws consist of 6 winning numbers plus 1 supplementary number. To win the top jackpot prize players must match 6 numbers correctly from one game. Winning one of the four smaller prizes is based on matching a combination of the winning numbers and the supplementary number.

Super 66 is played in conjunction with Saturday or Wednesday Gold Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball, or The Pools. When players play one of the listed draw games, they have the option of electing to also play Super 66 for an additional fee. When Super 66 is selected a 6 digit random number is added to the ticket. The Jackpot starts at $16,666.00 and increases each drawing it is not won. The remaining prizes are $6,666.00, $666.00, $66.00, and $6.60. Winning the jackpot requires matching all 6 numbers in sequential order. To win $6,666.00 requires matching the first or last 5 numbers in sequential order. To win $666.00 players must match the first or last 4 numbers in sequential order. To win $66.00 players must match the first or last 3 numbers in sequential order. Finally, to win $6.60 players must match the first or last 2 numbers in sequential order.

Buying Tickets:

The Golden Casket website details several different ways that players can purchase tickets for draw games. Of course, players must be 18 or older to purchase any lottery game through any of the available channels.

First, under the “About” tab in the menu bar, there is a link for finding a retailer outlet. This page allows users to look for the Lott retailers anywhere in Australia. Users can select their State and Neighborhood, or they can enter a postcode or search by a keyword to find outlets.

Queensland residents who are 18 or older can also register for an online account to purchase tickets via the Gold Casket website. The registration page can be found at In order to sign-up users must provide a valid e-mail, a password, their name and date of birth, residence address, and a contact phone number. Customers can also add their “Player Card Number” if they have one. Once successfully registered, players can purchase draw tickets using Bpay or a credit card.

One advantage of registering for an online account is that if a player wins, the lottery will automatically contact them via e-mail or phone to notify them of winning, and will even automatically deposit their winnings into the player’s lottery account. Another advantage is that players can elect to use the website’s “Autoplay” feature so that they never miss a draw. The “Autoplay” feature includes several different options for users to decide when and how long they will play games for, including deciding to play only when their selected game’s jackpot reaches a user defined level.

Under the Golden Casket’s “Buy Lotto” tab users can also download the Lott app for Iphone/Ipad or Android. Users can use the app to purchase tickets for draw games, scan tickets bought in stores, view the latest draw results, and find retail outlets.

Instant Scratch-Its Games:

The Gold Casket website also provides information on the lottery’s Instant Scrat-Its games. Currently, Golden Casket sells instant tickets that range in cost from $1 to $15 each. These games have a wide array of prize offerings. Unlike the draw games, Instant Scratch-Its can only be purchased at Golden Casket retailers.

Website Support:

The Golden Casket Website has several options for obtaining assistance. Under the “About” tab users can select the “Contact Us” page, which provides a telephone contact number, an e-mail customer support form, and both a mailing address and a location for in-person visits. The page also provides users with an opportunity to provide Golden Casket with feedback via the lottery’s complaint process.

Also under the “About” tab, the Golden Casket website offers extensive information on how retailers can become a Golden Casket outlet. In addition, existing outlets can access their account via the “Retailer Web Login” page.


The Golden Casket website provides extensive information related to the lottery’s history and games, how to purchase tickets, support opportunities, and how to become a Golden Casket retail outlet in a format that is easily understandable and which can be easily accessed.