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How to avoid Lottery Scams

Lottery – Scams and Frauds

Joining the lottery and winning the jackpot prize is the dream of millions of people. There are countless versions and small town lottery contests one can always win to get some big cash. The most reliable and highest level of money anyone can win is definitely the Powerball and the many televised lottery options out there. There are however several different companies that are scams, and it’s vital to be careful with what anybody puts their money. If somebody actually tries to pay to join a false lottery, there is no winner and the money is brought to the fraud owners. There are several things to be aware of in regards to these frauds that are out there.

How To Know If A Lottery Win Is Fake

– Asking For Money After Winning

If a person enters a contest and the lottery officials say the winner must spend a certain amount of money to redeem such a prize, it is definitely a huge sign that it is indeed a scam. It’s easy to fall prey to this kind of contest mainly because one usually enters this thinking that it is a legitimate contest or lottery. Do not ever spend any money *after spending money on joining the lottery.

– Winning Without Entering Or Paying

There are people and fraud companies that will offer a “lottery win” without a person even entering. It’s as easy as receiving a phone call and having someone say that they had one a contest that they didn’t even enter. These are very easy to spot as a scam, but some people easily fall for it. The moment somebody calls saying the caller won a prize will usually end the conversation with, “to redeem this prize, you must spend X amount of money.”

What To Do

– Cautious With Your Information

Take private information very seriously. Do not give out any form of credit card information or anything too private unless it is a reliable source. There are many lotteries who will actually make somebody give them a ton of private information to steal money from bank accounts. It’s easy for people this way to lose a ton of money, and it could be horrifying when they do it multiple times to the same person.

– A Simple Internet Search

It’s very easy to find out if something is a scam with the help of an Internet search. Typing in the names of a person or the company offering such a prize can be Googled in an instant.

In the end, the goal is to join only legitimate lottery contests. You need to also make sure that you don’t listen to useless unexpected phone calls that make you pay for anything. Be cautious with what you do with your personal bank information because it’s so easy for people to steal anything once they have such info. Scams are always out there hunting for cash, so just be weary of joining unauthorized lottery contests both online and throughout your area.