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There are many gaming sites currently on the web, but finding one that’s established and fun to play can be a daunting endeavor. is different in that the company strives to keep their site secure as well as professional. When initially clicking into the site it immediately becomes obvious that it’s unequaled in what it offers. Before signing in and providing personal information, however, it’s best to know something about the company you’re trusting.

About is an online server offering lottery services that include 12 of the biggest lotteries in the world. Established in 2011, it is owned by Y & M Hans Management Limited based in Limassol, Cyprus. Their mission is to provide opportunities to people throughout the world to achieve their dreams by increasing their chances of winning on lotteries held worldwide and, thereby, becoming financially independent.

A professional team of mathematicians and statisticians work to increase the odds of winning for their clients and professional agents focus on meeting individual client needs. Additionally, the site has been designed in such a way as to be user-friendly and secure. The goal is to ensure that clients receive personal service while selecting lucky numbers themselves for each lottery they enter worldwide.

How Ice Lotto Works

The user-friendly nature of Ice Lotto makes it a first choice for many people who love gaming. At the site, individuals can play lottery in any number of countries at a single time so it’s no wonder so many gamers are logging in. All you have to do to start playing is to follow these simple steps.
1. Select one of the types of lottery games offered such as Powerball.
2. After entering some personal data, pick any numbers you would like to play. These will be available to review and/or change in your “My Account” page under the “Products” tab.
3. Select the payment type you’d like to use and enter the information.
4. That’s it. You’re ready to buy your Powerball tickets online through

The way the system works is that you purchase tickets then the agents at Ice Lotto buy them from official lottery vendors in each country. Due to time differences throughout the world, that means that if you’re trying to get in at the last minute in a foreign country, your ticket may actually be for a later drawing. It’s just something to keep in mind while playing. After the purchase, an e-copy of the ticket is immediately posted to your account.

The one downside is that personal information can be shared with third parties for promotional advertising. Your account history is also tracked for internal purposes with the intent of improving customer service. Additionally, during the registration process, Ice Lotto verifies personal information in order to prevent use of the site by juveniles.

Website Design, look and feel

The website was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It’s fun and accessible because of the “clean” organization of the site. Each country’s lottery has it own “how to play” page that includes the rules of each game, general information, and statistics on the odds of winning. Although anyone can enter the site to check out winning lottery numbers in their area, registered members can see the results of their lottery entries, lucky numbers, winnings and more through their “My Account” page.

Although the appearance of the site may seem simple, the colorful design leaves an impression that is exhilarating. It has the feel of the Las Vegas, Nevada strip in the U.S. The main page features a video that explains, in a humorous way, why buying tickets online is better than visiting your local retailer. Key to navigating through the site are the words play, view and win. Despite the fact that the site features an incredible amount of information, it’s still arranged extremely well. If you find it to you’re liking you can also share the site with friends through, Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Multiple Markets Make Unique

With over 7 million players, Ice Lotto is one of the leading gaming websites in the world. Much of this is due to the fact that players are able to participate in games featured in many countries worldwide. To access the different games, players simple click on a tab for the country they’re interested in then select the games they like the most. The site actually serves as a clearinghouse for the games players want to play the most. The site is also designed to assist players regardless of where in the world they may live, hence, the multiple language option.

Six languages are available on the site including English, French, Italian, Russian, German and Spanish. The inclusion of the feature ensures that people from around the world can select the appropriate country’s flag in order to translate the site into the language of choice. Translators are also available through live chat and in the support services department. One report noted that citizens that live in the United States are not allowed to play on the site, but that was not confirmed at the site level. Therefore, people from the U.S. that would like to participate should check with first.

Playing on Mobile/ Tablet, iPhone and Android

It’s refreshing when you can stream while you’re on-the-go. Individuals can now download the Ice Lotto app onto their iphone or tablet in order to take the games with them. The app runs exactly the same as it does when playing on a computer. The system automatically sends updates and reminders on pre-selected games in preferred countries and will even let players know when they have won through their “My Account” page.

Special Offers and Bonuses

For frequent players special offers and bonuses abound. Individuals that accrue over 400 points become automatic VIP members and are assigned a personal manager that will guide them to high winning games as well as special offers, bonuses and discounts as they are posted. The goal is to eventually reach the platinum level.
1. 400-899 points is the Bronze level that earns an automatic 3% discount
2. 900-1999 points is the Silver level that earns an automatic 3% repayment plus a 5% discount
3. 2000-3999 points is the Gold level that earns an automatic 5% repayment plus a 10% discount
4. 4000 points and over is the Platinum level that earns an automatic 10% repayment plus a 12% discount
Bonuses start from the moment of registration where every player gets one lottery coupon for free.

There are also bonuses tied to the games themselves. Individuals that elect to play a new game can earn extra money along the way. That’s because for a time they can pay on the house with the sites money. Special promotions are also available to players that are new to the site. The incentives are designed to encourage exploration while also demonstrating that winning is not only possible but can be expected.

Player Deposits and Withdrawals

The lottery is licensed and takes all its financial obligations seriously. Players can purchase tickets from anywhere using a wide variety of methods, including Visa and MasterCard, Neteller, Web Money, Skrill, Discovery card Bank Transfer, Cheque, American Express, uKash, MoneyBookers and Western Union among other methods. Players who want to add addition credit cards on the website can do so under the site’s Add Payment Option Tab in the My information section.

There’s Plenty of Support and Assistance

Other than the technical support, Lotto Kings has also set out several security measures to protect its players. The provisions include use of secure HTTP connection, Google safe browsing and secured 256-bit SSL security certificate. Lotto Kings is also a Go Daddy verified site and receives additional security from Norton Safe web and website antivirus. Players must abide by the gambling age limits set in their countries to participate. In the US, the player must be 18 years or older to play. This information is highlighted on the site’s FAQ page.

Support and Assistance

Ice Lotto provides multiple ways for clients to contact them and resolve any problems they may have.
The live chat feature as well as a callback feature where you can leave a message for the support services department are used most frequently but these are only two access points. The company also encourages people to call them directly. They will also respond to email questions or respond to information that clients need to fax to the office.

Live chat has some definite advantages in that players can correspond directly with customer service specialists that are not only familiar with the site but can manage individual accounts as well. They can also walk players through changes they want to make to their accounts while still in the chat room. Someone mans the live chat room 24/7 in order to answer questions and resolve issues in a timely manner. For those that have questions they believe others have already asked, a FAQ page is also available. Additionally, with the 24/7 service, information on all the lotteries are monitored and updated in real time.

What You Need to Know About the IceLotto Games

What You Need to Know About the Games

Ice Lotto’s website is divided into featured countries. Each country’s page is then broken into the various games they support. When players first enter the site they can scan the lotteries that are held worldwide prior to making a selection. As jackpots change in each country, account managers will notify gamers so they may take advantage of the largest jackpots available.

The games are played with a hopper and balls that are drawn. Some countries may even include scratch tickets. Ice Lotto has been designed to breakdown the barriers that prevent many players from participating due to computer blocks erected in their areas. The only drawback found is that the number of games is limited.

It’s All About the Money

The server Ice Lotto uses rates a 10 out of 10 on the level of security so players can be comforted by the fact that personal information will not be shared. They utilize EV SSL by Geo Trust which provides the highest standard of security available on the market today. Individuals utilizing the site must sign in with a credit card number or bank account information. The option selected will then be used for all future monetary transactions. Fortunately, the account information page is easy to use and clearly shows how much money has been bet as well as how much has been won.

There are some rules and regulations gamers should be aware of before deciding to begin play.
1. The minimum withdrawal is €5 or the equal amount in other currency.
2. Withdrawal requests can be issued in check, bank wire, or several other options based on player preferences.
3. The company will verify player information before deposits or withdrawals will be processed.
4. Payments are issued only in Euros or US dollars.
5. Withdrawals are subject to exchange rates which are deducted from the withdrawal prior to payment issuance.
6. There is no site charge on funds withdrawn. Processing fees are built into the price of the ticket which will be slightly higher than when buying from a local vendor.
7. Withdrawals in excess of €2,000 will be subject to local, state and federal taxes.
8. Withdrawals are processed within 5-8 business days.
9. Deposits made based solely on bonuses may not be withdrawn.

Some Advantages of Ice Lotto

All important information about the most famous and major lotteries worldwide are rendered in one location. A professional team of statisticians and mathematicians strive to increase the odds to players by analyzing and sharing information with clients on lottery results, rules, jackpots, dates, and winning numbers for each country in the pool. The system allows clients to select the best games with the highest jackpots regardless of where in the world they originate.

One of the unique features is what’s called a subscription. Players utilizing the option enjoy additional discounts while they are ensured they are entered on each and every drawing they are signed up for. The subscription can be canceled at any time by sending an email to the support services department. It takes 5 business days to process the request but does not apply until the following month’s cycle.

Perhaps the greatest advantage is the fact that players don’t have to worry about keeping track of their tickets and checking results after each drawing. That’s all done by the company. Players’ personal accounts are updated after each drawing which can be checked at any time. Ice Lotto prides itself on it’s professionalism and will go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction.

Conclusion is a colorful and fun yet well-designed website. The goal of the company is to heighten customer satisfaction and increase the odds of winning for players. The company provides all the support and information players need to make the most of their experience as well as increase the odds of winning.

Evaluations of the website have shown that it has experienced an increase in popularity within the last couple of years. Without a doubt it leaves a favorable impression with visitors. Ticket prices, support and the ability to easily navigate throughout the site were listed as the most positive features. Without a doubt, is one of the best international lottery games available online today.

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