About La Primitiva Lottery

All persons of legal age can now participate in La Primitiva lottery- Spain’s oldest lottery. The lottery may be old, but it attracts new players every week. The jackpot pays about $6.5 million in prizes every week and an additional $1.4 billion in other prizes every year. 70% of the lottery cash is reinvested back to the lottery to increase the circulating money. That is why it has gained popularity amongst the lottery players.

Quick facts about La Primitiva:

  • La Primitiva was established in 1763. It was closed in 1862 and re-established in 1985
  • Players must match six numbers correctly to win
  • There are two other numbers in use in the lottery; the complimentario and Reintegro numbers that are assigned by the management
  • There are two types of jackpots: the standard jackpot and special one
  • The draws are held twice a week
  • Players are allowed to participate in both draws
  • The jackpot starting cash is €2,000,000, and the winnings are taxed based on the amount won.

History of the La Primitiva Lottery

La Primitiva is the oldest lottery in Spain and the world at large. The lottery was established in 1763 by the then Minister of Tax, Marques of Esquilache during the reign of Carlos III. At that time, the lottery was using the 5 from 90 formats which were in use until 1862. In 1812 a new lottery game, Loteria Moderna, was introduced in Spain which was a significant disadvantage to the La Primitiva. La Primitiva was established to generate more income for the government of Spain, but due to the low outcome, it was discontinued in 1862. The lottery was later re-established in 1985 and has gained significant acceptance since then. After the reintroduction, the lottery changed their format to 6 from 49 numbers.

The draw is hosted in Madrid, Spain. The Loterias y Apuestas del Estado regulates the La Primitiva among other notable lotteries in the country. The lottery is open to the citizens of Spain. However, because of the internet, all players in the world can participate.

The other lotteries associated with La Primitiva include El Gordo de La Primitiva that was established in 1993 and later re-introduced in 1997. The highest jackpot to ever be won on the lottery was $33 million. BonoLoto is another lottery which was established in 1988. The jackpot begins at 400,000 Euros. The biggest win for the jackpot has been 7 million Euros.

In 1985, the tickets were sold at 25 pesetas. The price for the ticket later increased to 150 pesetas in 2000. When Spain joined the Europe’s single currency, the ticket price was set at € 1.

La Primitiva jackpot starts at €2 million. If there is no winner, the amount is rolled over to the next draw.

The jackpot draw is held twice every week on Thursday and Saturday at 2130 hours local time in Madrid, Spain. The management uses the Bombo machine to select random numbers for the draw.

How To Play La Primitiva

Players participating in the lottery need to pick six numbers from 1 to 49. For them to win the jackpot, they need to match all the six numbers. The interesting part of the lottery is that the players have an option of playing a single draw or both jackpots draw. It all depends on the day the players purchase the tickets. If they buy the ticket between Saturday and Thursday, they will automatically participate in the Thursday draw. Players who purchase the tickets on Friday or Saturday will take part in the Saturday draw. If they want to take part in both the draws, they need to choose the option when they are buying the tickets.


The rules of the game changed in 2012. All the players should match all the six numbers plus the Reintegro number that is randomly assigned to the ticket. The R number is from 0 to 9.

The tickets can be bought online from the various sites. Players need to be cautious with the type of site they are using. The regulating Commission licenses the authorized sites. Buying the tickets from uninsured sites will increase the risk of them losing money.

How players can claim the winnings

When the players win, they are notified by La Primitiva via Email or SMS. The winnings are deposited into the player’s account.

The jackpot winnings are subject to taxation. There are, however, two types of tax category: Category one is tax-free for winnings of up to €2,500. Tax category two: winnings of above € 2,500 are subjected to 20% tax deduction. Participants from other countries will receive tax refunds. This, however, doesn’t take into account the tax laws of the different countries. Even though La Primitiva will refund the tax, the players will have to adhere to the laws of their countries when it comes to tax and cash withdrawal.

Participating Countries

Even though the Lottery is held in Madrid, Spain, it has been opened to other players as well. The tickets are bought online from various sites. Players are eligible to participate in the lottery if they have an online lottery concierge service. The concierge service they use will also allow them to take part in other European Lotteries. The players will receive a copy of their scanned receipt of the lottery. They will be required to produce the receipt when they are claiming the winnings.

Weekly Day Draw

The La Primitiva jackpot draw is held twice a week. Since the introduction of the new format, the players stand a chance to win additional prizes on top of the jackpot cash. If can match the six numbers and also the R number correctly, they will receive an additional sum of money.

In the weekly draw, the lottery officials may pull the complementario ball from the same machine with the regular balls. The complementario number cannot be used towards the jackpot winning. However, it will be used to create a second place winner.

The secondary players usually match six of the regular numbers, or five numbers plus the bonus ball, or five regular numbers, or four, or three numbers.

The next draw is €14, 200,000.

The different players use different strategies to win the game. The most commonly used approach is the hot and cold numbers. Some numbers may frequently appear in the different jackpot draws, and they are called the ‘hot’ numbers. The ones that appear less are the ‘cold’ numbers. The players believe that the hot numbers will keep re-appearing while the cold ones will not. Memorable numbers is another strategy that the players use. But, regardless of the theory used, it is important for the players to know the numbers that frequently appear in the draw which include29, 12, 32, 53, 18 and 47. The most frequent R numbers include 1; 8; 6; 9 and 0.

As of the last jackpot held on March 11th, 2017, the payout for the third tier was €63,181.57 while the fourth level was €3,221.

The players are advised to use the Random Number Generator to increase their chances of winning.

Playing La Primitiva at different websites

Some of the sites that have licensed to sell the lottery tickets include Players will get a chance to buy participate in La Primitiva lottery and other lotteries too. The site is in partnership with Primitiva Lottery website. The other licensed site is Icelotto.

There are various modes of payments that players can use to buy for the tickets including MasterCard credit and debit cards, Visa cards, Skrill, and Neteller.

It is important for the participants to have accounts registered in their names. It will help speed up the payment processing process.

Prize Tiers at La Primitiva

La Primitiva jackpot was designed to pay out small amounts of money. The jackpot winnings are distributed in seven levels

Level one: Players should match six balls and the R number. If they successfully match the R number, they get a bonus sum. The odds of winning the special jackpot are 1 in 139,186,160.

Level two: The players should match all the six numbers to win. The odds of winning are 1 in 13,983,816. The maximum payout has been € 1.7 million

Level three: The players should match five numbers and the one bonus number. The odds are 1 in 2,330,636.

Level Four: Participants should match five regular numbers. Odds are 1 in 55,491

Level five: Four balls. The odds of winning are 1 in1,032

Level six: Three balls. The odds are 1 in 57

Tier seven: For not matching the regular number but successfully choosing the Reintegro number, the players will be refunded their lottery ticket price. The odds are 1 in 10.

Jackpots at Winners at La Primitiva

There are the standard jackpot and the special jackpots. The players who match the regular balls successfully will win the usual jackpot. The special jackpot is for the players who match all the different balls including the R number.

The biggest jackpot was €101,724, 559 which was won in October 2015 by a single lottery ticket. The jackpot had been rolled over 56 times.

In 2014, the jackpot prize was €73 million. The lottery was won by two lottery tickets after 39 draws.

Final thought

La Primitiva has such good odds, and with a good strategy, it is easy to win the jackpot. Even though there is a tax requirement, the players can still get a substantial amount if they use the licensed sites.