Lottery keep rising in March!

Impressing rise by Arkansas lottery. The trend with Lottery is keep increasing. As the family way of enjoy gambling, Lotto is humongous. Millions of people every week are going to the shops to renew their lottery ticket or to participate in a new drawing.

The different characters of Lotteries that is growing are also contributing to the growth.

Here we list the 10 best Lottery sites.


Arkansas lottery shows rise in March over ’16 levels

The day before the month ended, a lottery retailer in Stuttgart sold the winning ticket for the $177 million Mega Millions jackpot.

Total revenue increased from $40.5 million in March of last year to $43.4 million last month, the lottery reported this week in its monthly report to Gov. Asa Hutchinson and the Legislature’s lottery oversight subcommittee.

The lottery’s revenue and net proceeds for college scholarships peaked at $473.6 million and $97.5 million, respectively, in fiscal 2012 before falling for three consecutive fiscal years. With the help of a world-record Powerball run in January 2016, revenues and net proceeds rebounded in fiscal 2016 to $456.3 million and $85.3 million, respectively. read more at