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Lotto247 is an online lottery website with a selection of various lotteries from around the world which you can play to win, which uses a Cypress-based payments processor and is licensed by the Curaçao Gaming Commission. There’s little information as to where the company is based, though, and while they can contact customers by phone upon request, there’s no way to directly call the company. With a variety of different lotteries from around the world and clean design, this seems like a legitimate site that also offers a wide range of payment options to customers, and there’s an emphasis on security.

All in all, it’s an appealing site if you want to play in lotteries from around the world and want a clean site with helpful customer service so long as you’re fine with live chats and not speaking with them over the phone. While Lotto247 welcomes lottery players from around the world and the site is available in over a dozen languages there are a number of countries where residents are not legally allowed to participate in remote gambling of this nature and therefore are not welcome on the site – including the United States, France, Curaçao, and the Netherlands.

User interface and Design at Lotto247

The actual website for Lotto247 features a relatively clean design that is neither terribly cluttered nor the best website design – it’s more or less straightforward and to the point while still being kind of bland. You’re not bombarded with a bunch of ads or promotions of various kinds, the menus are all in the logical places where menus usually go in web design these days, and there are not a bunch of videos to eat up a lot of data or start blaring at you unexpectedly while you hunt them down to put on mute. In other words, Lotto247 does not make a lot of the annoying mistakes that many websites tend to do – which is good. There are clearly marked selections in the top menu, which is of course useful for any potential user who wants to learn more about where they’re getting their lottery tickets through. Added to this are some personal stories on the home page about people who’ve won the lottery before, and a selection of articles which cater to fantasies about winning the lottery, such as “Dazzling mansions fit for a PowerBall millionaire” – in case users didn’t have enough reasons for wanting to win the lottery already. The content in these sections is a little repetitive and boring, further reinforced by the copious use of stock photos that definitely fit their topics but do little to make the visual appeal of the site more interesting overall.
Obviously if you’re the sort of person who is looking to play lotteries online, you’ll want an easily navigable site that’s easy on the eyes, but it stands to reason that you’d be more concerned with things like security and actually winning rather than personal accounts from previous winners or articles on how to increase your luck this year as if that were a tangible thing to do. There are sections about playing the lottery online and one for FAQs, which are necessary things in an online lottery site.

Markets, Languages and Currencies

With a site in over a dozen languages and lotteries from around the world, Lotto247 is targeting users from around the world. While all of these are European languages the page with payments options lists support for a number of banks in Latin America, so it appears that their market isn’t just in Europe. Aside from English the site comes in Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Czech, German, Romanian, Finnish, Norwegian, and Hungarian. Of course anyone residing in a country where citizens are not allowed to participate in remote gambling activities cannot sign up – this includes countries such as the United States, France, the Netherlands, and Curaçao. Otherwise the site appears to target a global audience, offering a great variety of different lotteries in an easy to use and straightforward format – and it’s not just the usual PowerBall and EuroMillions this time.

Welcome to the best online lottery action

Lotto247 has a lot of different lotteries from around the world, including access to lotteries in countries where the site cannot actually accept users from. You get PowerBall and Mega Millions from the United States as well as France Loto. There are also a number of other lotteries from around Europe including

  • EuroMillions
  • SuperEnaMax
  • Super Enalotto
  • Euro Jackpot
  • German Lotto
  • La Primitiva
  • El Gordo
  • El Gordo Navidad
  • Loteria Nacional extra
  • El Niño raffle.

If these still weren’t enough for you, there are also a few other lotteries from around the globe including the likes of the UK Lottery, Oz PowerBall, Oz Lotto, and Brazil’s Mega Sena.

To say the least, you have a decent selection to increase your chances of winning and decrease your likelihood of getting bored with your choices on Lotto247. Think about it – if you really want to play all of the lotteries you possibly could (and it’s legal to engage in remote betting in your area), you could play on local lottery tickets as well as all of the major lotteries from around the world and increase your chances of winning the jackpot even further.

Playing on Mobile/ Tablet, iPhone and Android

If you want to access Lotto247 from your mobile phone or tablet, there is an optimised version of the site available for mobile devices which has all of the features of the desktop site. That being said, there’s no app for Android or iOS devices, so you will have to login through the browser if you want to participate or check your results on the go. Even though the site is fully accessible from a mobile browser, this could inconvenience some users who find that this is generally slower and more cumbersome than a dedicated app. That’s a disadvantage in a day and age when there’s an app for anything – but then again with so many apps out there it’s not really necessary to have another one that serves the same needs as a fully-functional mobile website. Ultimately, the lack of an app is something that some people might miss, but if you’re keen on playing lotteries from around the world online then you can probably make this concession and use the website.

Player Deposits and Withdrawals

There are a number of ways for you to pay for the lotteries you wish to participate in on Lotto247, including credit cards and several popular online payment processors like Skrill and Neteller. You also get a few other options like wire transfers and a few cash and voucher payment processors as well. Depending on your bank and country of residence, you may even be able to use online banking facilities to make payments. All financial transactions are fully encrypted for your security and confidence in the site – because trust and security are crucial things for both customers and the site as well.

Support and Assistance

Lotto247 doesn’t skimp on their customer support, offering a 24/7 live chat as well as a way to contact them via email. If you want to talk to them over the phone, as a registered customer you have the option of signing up so that they can call you back – but there’s no phone number where you can call them directly. The FAQs on the site are all helpful and informative, and it seems that customer service is great so long as you don’t want to speak to them – the live chat option is good and elicits a prompt reply with useful information. There’s also a way to contact them via email, so in case the live chat doesn’t work for you there’s another option to reach customer support. Of course, customer service can make or break an online lottery platform, and Lotto247’s customer service is okay. On the one hand, the available options are very good in terms of helpfulness and usability, but there’s limited scope for reaching the customer service.

While it may be off-putting for some people who would rather talk on the phone with a representative, the lack of any sort of support number also leaves some room for suspicion about how trustworthy the site is – it seems more than a little suspicious that rather than putting up a number on their website they make their registered users fill out a request to call them back. While it’s understandable that maybe a company would get a lot of unsolicited calls as well as outright harassment from dejected and deranged users of the site who are bitter about not winning and therefore hide their phone number, this move doesn’t exactly install confidence in users who want to be able to call them directly should something come up.

Live chat is of course is a great thing up and until you ask the representative a question that they either cannot or will not answer, and then it becomes easier for them to avoid giving you a straight answer than it would have been to do the same on the phone. While one cannot assume that not having a contact phone number is about making their operations more opaque, it doesn’t exactly do much to dissuade that sentiment.

Final Verdict

Overall, Lotto247 is a good choice. Their large selection of different lotteries makes this operator very competitive in combination with good design.

The website is fully licensed and credited as a true “safe and secure” online lottery business that is known far and wide in the online gaming industry as a company that is honest.

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