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Playing the lottery for me has always been nothing but a fun hobby. I actually never thought I’d win anything in my life. 4 months after I joined the Lottoolis syndicates plan, I won 3200 Pounds and 7 months after that win I won another 900 Pounds. This syndicates subscription is seriously one of the best financial choices I’ve made in life.


Founded in 2011 by a group of like-minded lottery-lovers, draws on the skills of programming entrepreneurs, marketing gurus and lottery experts to bring you the very best lottery products from all over the world.

They were passionate about their service quality and strive to make sure you enjoy your experience at and, most importantly, they wish to give you your chance of winning some of the biggest lottery prizes in the world.
Whenever any of their customers wins big via they feel happy knowing they helped yet another person turn his life around. This person could be you shortly… Review is a website that brings the lotto into a person’s home, as long as they are 18 years of age. allows people who browse the website to pick a game to play, choose numbers to play, and invites lady luck to alter the fate of the gambler for better or for worse. allows it’s customers to purchase an online ticket to gamble with online. The website is licensed by the government of Curacao and has no affiliations with various lottery organizations.

Look and Feel of Website has a very casino-like feel to it, with bright colors and vibrant graphics. THe design is great and easy to use. At the home page, the viewer is a mere click away from gambling ecstasy. Just a simple click of “play now” takes anyone who is willing to try their luck to a virtual ticket where numbers can be chosen. There are many different types of lotteries to try a hand at, including Powerball and Mega Millions. The numbers are randomized and it just is such a convenient way to play online!
The website is displayed in English, and has the statue of liberty and various stars and stripes displayed in red white and blue, which is mildly confusing American based customers because the currencies are displayed in something other than the usual dollar sign that is used in the United States. However, a simple calculator on the customer’s part can easily solve that problem. Something the website could consider would be to add a feature that changes the website so that it is more accessible to different people in different regions. To be fair, it does possess a language button that allows customers to change the language into one of a few options so that they can better access it, but it would be nice to be able to look and see a dollar amount that is familiar and comfortable before giving out bank information.

Customer Service at

The site also has a nice customer service tab that is easily located and is the color blue. With a simple click the client is directed to 24/7 customer service and information to contact customer service. The email for customer service and a phone number to reach are readily available if any help is needed. However, something that the site could add would be a live customer support representative who could chat with the customer as needed to suggest some games and to help the customer navigate the website.
There are a variety of different games that are offered which the customer is most likely familiar with seeing at the gas station, instead of being readily available online. There is a nice selection of different games that are available and they all seem very easy to use with minimal fuss. In real time, the time displayed until next draw for each lottery is displayed which is very convenient, this saves time having to look it up online, or having to wait for it to show up on the television.

Playing Lotto on Mobile such as iPhone Android

There seems to be no app available for the website in the google app store so that a customer could download the app and be able to play the lottery on the go. This could be very helpful and convenient and could offer a quick and easy way for a customer to stay in touch with the website on their mobile device. It would be nice to be able to keep tabs with a mobile device the status of the electronic ticket that the customer had purchased online through the website. Having an application would really be a nice way to help the customer stay in touch with their online tickets.

As far as viewing the website on a tablet and on a mobile phone, the ease of use is decent, but would be better in an application form. Being able to download an app on a phone or tablet would really expand the websites reach. It would also help the customer be more interactive with the site and the organization. The easier things are to use, the more likely that purchases will be made, and the more likely it is that it will result in a buck placed in the company’s pocket, and the customer will be able to reap the benefits of convenient gambling, hopefully that is!

Lotto Bonus Packages at

The packages that are available on the website are not as easy to locate as getting to the games is. It looks like the packages is what is referred to as the duration of the games, and this could be re-worded and could instead say packages and could offer a great deal to the customer, or at least something that looks like a great deal that the customer would be getting. Actually getting to the packages could be easier and more eye catching, drawing the customer’s eye towards the best deal that will yield them the best gambling results.
Bonus offers and promotions include the “No Win, No Play”, which is a “Zero Risk Welcome Bonus”. This zero risk welcome bonus is actually a great deal! It’s a money back guarantee that states if the customer doesn’t win with those first initial tickets, well then the tickets are on the house! That is to say that will refund the amount paid on the ticket if there was no win on the customers first ticket, leaving virtually no risk! This is a great incentive to attract customers, and will ensure repeat business.
A Second Bonus offer that currently is up on the website is a “Welcome Bonus” that is an offer for a free ticket with a purchase of a lottery ticket that is worth 20 euros or more. Again, it would be much easier for customers in different countries to use this website if it was available to change the currency from euros to a currency that they are familiar with, in this instance. USD or United States Dollars. If several choices were offered in several countries the outreach would really expand exponentially. these are really some great excuses to get started gambling with today!

Deposit & Withdrawal methods at

Deposits and withdrawals are done by first registering an account, from there the user must enter in their card information. Something that could be offered could be a Paypal account which would instill a higher level of trust in the customers that use the website. Most people are hard pressed to give out any credit card information to any websites online especially gambling websites. Thankfully, there are many websites that exist now that check to see if a website poses a potential threat or if it’s a scam. After perusing several websites the verdict is that this website is according to mostly safe, although there is a small chance of risk. So it’s likely that this website is trustworthy. would do well to make sure that it’s online reviews on websites such as are clean and trustworthy. This would make the customer more comfortable to use the website. There is potential in, and the website could be a great one. It seems like the company just needs to work on it’s customer support, and really effectively and quickly tackle situations with customers as they arise to make sure that they have a great review. With enough tweaking and alterations it could be a great idea to be able to play the lotto online. For now, it is best to give the website the benefit of the doubt until a better rating and understanding can be established. there are lot’s of great features that are represented on the website and there are many different games to play that normally a person would have to go to the the gas station or a similar place to play the lottery for. Instead, it’s now a click away and very convenient!


    • Lotto Booking offers six lotteries
    • LottoBooking .com is a fully licensed lottery messenger operator and accepts players from all over the world apart from US, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Myanmar, Turkey, China, Israel, Hong Kong or Singapore.
    • Offer a number of different payment options which vary from country to country.
      You can view all of the payment options in your country via their deposit page.
    • A lottery syndicate is a group of people who pool numbers in a lottery draw together on one or more results. Lottery syndicates give you a better chance of winning as you’ll be playing multiple numbers combinations at the same time. The winnings of the syndicate are distributed among all of its participants. All their syndicates work on a subscription model, you can choose to pay either monthly, every 3, 6 or 12 months. This is their billing cycle. Save money by choosing a larger billing cycle.

Commissions and Fees

LottoBooking doesn’t take any commission or fees

Safety and Security

Their responsibility and priority is to make sure all information and details provided by their customers are dealt with high confidentiality and stored using a secure method. They do not store your credit card information on our servers.

They always use a secure server system to exchange information to ensure all transactions are handled with the highest security level

Summary of is easy to use, has information readily available for the consumer to contact. However the website looks like it needs more work to make it look reliable to the best of its ability. The website is available in several different languages which adds to its authenticity, and is nice and eye catching and really looks like ti could be promising. Hopefully in time, the website will be even better and will be easier for the customer to use. With just a bit more work it could be a great place to come online to gamble and to maybe earn a buck or two.

Imagine being able to buy a Powerball ticket online and making enough to pay the rent for a month, or maybe even several, and doing it ALL online! Well that would be great! Who doesn’t want to be able to make money from the comfort of their own home? offers a way to do just that, with only a few clicks of a button it could easily help change your life for the better and add a bit of extra lining into the pocket of their customer!

Be a winner with Lotto Booking – buy a ticket for the coming raffle