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Lottoland is a huge site dedicated to all things lottery. It has games of chance from all over the world for you to play and enjoy, especially if you win! EuroMillions, Euro Jackpot, From the USA Megamillions and Powerball Drawings for the biggest jackpot wins. Irish and Polish Lotto, Australia, scratch tickets and other instant win games. The site works on the euro system for money and payment is guaranteed! This lotto site isn’t like the sites you pay to play and never end up ahead. Founded in 2013 its headquarters are in Gibraltar. Chris Tarrant has been ambassador since 2014. Lottoland is now active on four continents and has over 5 million customers after its auspicious beginnings in Europe.

LottoLand Website / Design / Look and Feel

The site looks to be a daunting experience, but looks are deceiving. The drop-down lists show you all that you might be interested in, and it is easy to explore and learn the rules before playing the games. There is a myriad of lotto adventures here for you to try out! Pick a spot from the drop-down menu, and you are seamlessly transported to the area you have chosen to enjoy or explore. Thoroughly read the guidelines so you can benefit from the site for a much better experience.

The site offers a global English, and Australia English as choices in languages, so it is very easy to understand and play with everything spelled out for you. It is amazing at how fast the site loads pages even when it is in high demand! This site offers a good time for all the participants. Customers are privacy protected in a number of ways. Personal data is used for your account and payouts including a phone number, and physical address. This information is used when contacting customer service for transactions. Facebook plugins: The site uses social plugins provided by and are identified with the Facebook logo.

If you do not want to share data with Facebook, you need to log off Facebook before using our website. We also use “cookies” to track information for our site use. If you use Google+, you have the option of publishing your information worldwide if you wish. Twitter also gathers information when you use the retweet function, but they have no control over information on Twitter. If you wish, and with permission, the site can use your information to advertise products or services. You will receive emails regarding the website and its use as well as winning notifications, order confirmations, and newsletters. During online transactions, your information is always encoded for your privacy and security.

Markets, Languages and Currencies

Lottoland is in many markets, European, Germany, Ireland, Britan, Australia has four lotteries; Sweden, and Eastern Europe within site to choose from and the USA has their major lotteries present here as well. You will find many favorite activities to keep the avid player quite happy with games of chance and instant win games and tickets. Lottoland also promotes safe and responsible gambling, and if you believe you do have a problem, there is information on places to contact for help. They encourage you to contact their help desk and give an email address for you should you be concerned about your own, or a friend’s gambling that may or may not is a problem. Recognizing a potential problem is the best solution. There is an extensive choice of the languages supported by the site, so everyone should be able to find their language from the language menu at the bottom of the page.

LottoLand Games / Lotteries

This extensive site offers a myriad of games of chance, contests and “scratch” tickets for a quick choice if you prefer not to wait for a drawing. Some of the games included here are EuroMillions, MegaMillions, Euro Jackpot, German Lotto, Scratch cards and instant win contests. Try a hand at Cash4life, El Gordo de Verano, HongKong MK 6, Irish Lotto are only scratching the surface for what this site offers in drawing type lotteries.

Check out the Scratch cards for games like Everyday Payday, 40 Thieves, or a chance at any number of car scratch tickets play to win cars like a Porsche 911 Carrera, a VW Golf TSI and more in instant car tickets. Prefer cash? Then try Chancy’s Charm or Lucky Irish! The games are plentiful and from all over the world all here in one place that pays out their winnings to the lucky folks who play and win. With prices on the instant and scratch tickets as low as $0.25, there is something for everyone. When you do play, there are minimums on most of the tickets for the games so be aware of that before playing. Note: in checking through the countries in the checkout, I could not find the United States. This result may be a glitch, but I am uncertain of the reasons.

Playing on Mobile/ Tablet, iPhone and Android

With 60 percent and growing players on their mobile/tablet app, it is quite popular for those who wish to have the games available on-the-go. The app was recognized in June 2015 as best gaming app at the Gaming App Awards in London, so they are doing something right! The dedicated and talented production team has a multi-channel approach to ensure they are on top of their game when it comes to your mobile needs. It’s all the fun you want out of gaming, with a chance to win big at the palm of your hands.

The Lotto Packages

In reviewing the site, there are no “packages” listed on the site, but other sites may have select games that can be bundled together for regular play. Lottoland does have subscription services so you can subscribe to their games for a certain amount of time. For instance: using the Powerball site you can pick your numbers and at the bottom of the page choose the duration of up to 52 weeks and subscribe using the numbers you wanted. This means you can plan ahead and get the most out of your membership.

LottoLand Bonuse Offers and Promotions

Lottoland offers their customers some unique bonuses as well as a promotional reward with their refer-a-friend and a range of other offers periodically. Their bonuses are things like Doublejackpot which allows winners to win twice the draw, another add-in called Numbershield allows customers to keep the complete jackpot win even if there are other winners. They also have an affiliate program if you are adventurous enough to want to be in the game for a steady stake in the winnings through your customers you gain through advertising your affiliate site. This means you can start earning just by being a satisfied member and referring others to the site. Who knows, whomever you refer just might be the next lucky winner and cut out some of the profits to your for sending them this way!

Player Deposits and Withdrawals

The company uses bank transfers for all transactions with its customers for their security. To get your money out, you will need to contact customer service on live chat or email to set it up. They will verify it is indeed you who is requesting the withdrawal from your account there to your bank account in your name in the country you reside in wherever you might be. We take your account privacy seriously, which is way we put such safeguards in place. It takes a few days to complete your withdrawal, and then have it deposited in your account. Keep in mind this is a secure transaction for both parties. You can pay with a credit card, but winnings are only sent to a verified bank account in the member’s name.

Support and Assistance

There is support and assistance available through the site via live chat, physical address, e-mail, or telephone by the click of a button. All options are listed under the contact tab and readily available to you. The fastest appears to be the live chat option, and all members have access to this option.

Customer Protection

The company takes your security very seriously. Lottery betting is supposed to be fun, but we also recognize the gambling problems that may arise. It is no longer fun when it starts being a negative part of your life. It’s important that you remember that that gambling is a game of chance. With that said, don’t spend more than you can afford and stay within your budget. If you spend beyond, your means you will end up taking the whole “fun” aspect out of the equation. Thankfully, Lottoland has limit options to help minimize your spending. Our options below will help you remain in control of your gaming.

They have a maximum daily spend limit. When you register, you are asked for a maximum amount per day limit, and your account is set to this. You can change it through your account, but it is recommended to pick a reasonable amount and stay with it. You can also gain a temporary suspension of your account by requesting it, and your account will be suspended for six months. Of course, you have the option of deleting your account as well. Also, No one under the age of 18 is allowed an account, and we verify this with every account created here. There are options for adults who share a computer with underage persons like installing freeware for parental controls, so your younger children are blocked from access to the over the age of 18 sites.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, this site looks to be a great spot for all things lottery and some games you can play and win money from, instant tickets and many other exciting and available games of chance from many countries around the world. Your information is kept in security, so it is not compromised during your interaction with the site or when collecting your winnings. You will need an actual bank account for the financial part of the transactions; there are also options for Visa and MasterCard and some other cards they do use, but the safest is a bank account. This procedure is also a good thing in controlling spending habits of the customers.

Lottoland is an entertaining and well-organized site that is made for the enjoyment of pursuing the dream! There are several payment plans that they use, Neteller, Skrill and wire transfer to your bank. So if you’re sick of playing those scratch off games and never winning, consider taking your hand at Lottoland. It’s user-friendly, easy to navigate, and has had proven success among its users. One of the nice aspects of Lottoland is your ability to win on multiple levels. Check out what opportunities Lottoland has in store for you today. Who knows, you just might be the next big winner.

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