About MegaMillions Lottery

When it comes to society, few things are thought of as the ultimate dream in the same way that hitting the lotto is dreamt of. The opportunity to win potentially millions of dollars based on the luck of the draw has been intriguing to people for many years. However, the game has evolved greatly since it first came about, so you should become aware of some of the different types of lotto games available. For instance, many people who are in the loop related to the lottery purchase Mega Millions tickets.

Mega Millions is a game that pays out cash prizes that are drawn twice per week, including holidays. The game involves picking combinations of numbers at random, based on plastic balls that are dropped in a machine and jostled quickly until the randomly find their way into a chute. The balls that are chosen have corresponding numbers, which, when combined create the winning number for the mega millions payout. While lotteries are typically done state by state, the Mega Millions changed this format and increased the winnings by including multiple participating states. The game went through a few branding and format changes over the years, to include more and more states joining as time went on. Today, nearly every state in the country participates in Mega Millions, to include the District of Columbia. They Mega Millions game has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds and is one of the most popular forms of lottery played in the world today. The opportunity to win huge amounts of money that continuously break records gives people an incentive to try their hand at the game and the big winnings.

This article will detail the history of the Mega Millions game and will give you the opportunity to learn as much as you can about how it came to be and how it has grown throughout the years. This way, you will understand Mega Millions with more depth and will be able to look into purchasing a ticket in your state. You will learn about previous payouts and winners and the variety of changes that the game has grown through since its inception.

If these points are interesting to you, make sure that you read below and begin learning as much as you can about Mega Millions.

How to Play MegaMillions

History of the Mega Millions Game

Millions was created in the year 1996 and was at first dubbed the Big Game. While most lotteries were held state by state at the time, this new lottery combine a few different states, to include Virginia, Georgia and Illinois. The game was created by the heads of the Virginia lottery, Penelope Kyle, and the Georgia lottery, Rebecca Paul. Both of these women have gone on to do a lot in their respective fields. For instance, Penny Kyle would go on to become the president of Redford University in Redford, Virginia.

When this game first came out, it held drawings once per week, on Fridays. One of the first evolutions of the game was to allow people to receive cash payouts. Before the cash payouts, people would receive their jackpot winnings in scheduled increments over the course of several years. With the cash option, winners were then able to receive their payouts in one lump sum, which is equal to the current market value of the incremental payouts. After The Big Game was released, it continuously growing popularity, with other states joining in. For instance, New Jersey joined in 1999. In the year 2002, The Big Game became The Big Game Mega Millions, due to the fact that two more states had joined and the earnings increased. These states were New York and Ohio. Illinois holds the legal rights to the name Mega Millions.

The original logo had the phrase Mega Millions, along with a gold ball that has the word Mega Millions written on it. The gold ball was a staple of the original The Big Game. In the year 2003, they dropped the name The Big Game and stuck with Mega Millions. The game continuously took in new states each and every year until 2010, when the largest growth took place. This growth took place as they expanded with the Powerball lottery company. Prior to this year, Powerball and Mega Millions could not be sold in the same store. This new agreement changed that, in addition to expanding Mega Millions to include 23 more states. Today, there are 44 in total, in addition to the Virgin Islands and Washington, D.C.

Participating Countries

Currently only the United States participates in the Mega Millions lottery. The United States Virgin Islands is the only country outside of the United States that participates, though it is still a United States territory. Within the United States, there are 44 different states that participate in the Mega Millions. The only states that do not participate in Mega Millions are Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Alaska, Mississippi and Utah. In addition to the 44 states that participate in Mega Millions, people in the District of Columbia also purchase tickets and are able to participate in Mega Millions.

Weekly Day Draw

Now that you have an idea about the Mega Millions, it is important that you figure out how to play. First and foremost, you will need to find a store, such as a gas station, grocery store, liquor store or convenience store, which will allow you to buy a Mega Millions ticket. Once you have purchased it, there will be two draws which will correlate with the week in which you purchased the tickets. These twice a week draws happen every single Tuesday and Friday. These Tuesdays and Fridays include weekends. The drawings are broadcast on ABC from the Georgia based ABC affiliate. You will be able to tune in for these lottery drawings at 11 p.m. eastern standard time.

How To Win at MegaMillions

While everyone hones in on the Jackpot, there are several other ways to win. First of all, the Jackpot occurs when a person matches all five numbers and the Mega ball. The price for winning the Jackpot continuously builds and grows, and has grown to more than half a billion dollars in recent years. The probability of winning the jackpot is approximately 1 in 259 million. The next tier of prizes takes place when you match five balls, without getting the Mega ball. This prize is $1 million, and the odds are approximately 1 in 18.5 million. The next tier of winning comes when you match four balls, along with the Mega ball. This prize for this is $5,000 and the probably is approximately 1 in 740,000.

$66M Winner

The next Mega Millions tier is when you match four balls, with no Mega ball. This prize is $500 and the odds are approximately 1 in 53,000. For matching three balls and a Mega ball, the prize is $50 and the probability is approximately 1 in 11,000. The Mega Millions prize for matching three balls without a Mega ball is $5, as is the prize for matching two balls and a Mega ball. Matching one ball and a Mega ball has a $2 prize and matching no numbers but getting a Mega ball wins $1.

The Mega Millions lottery has given out a lot of jackpots over the years. To date, the largest win in the history of the game was for $656 million. The cash payout for this jackpot equaled out to $474 million. Three people won the jackpot during this drawing and each winner took $158 million in the split. In terms of the biggest single prize that any winner has won, the largest payout was $326 million in a 2014 lottery drawing.

So by taking these points into consideration, you can quickly begin to see why Mega Millions has grown in popularity. It is a game that has been around for a long time and has given people the opportunity to purchase tickets and try to win the next big jackpot. A lot has gone into the evolution of the Mega Millions game, and people are participating more than ever. The game has given an incredible amount of money to charities and to pay for education throughout the many different school districts that it serves. Consider all of the points explained in this article, so that you can have a greater understanding and appreciation for the Mega Millions lottery game and how it works.