Top 5 Lottery Winning Strategies


Winning the lottery is a topic surrounded by all sorts of negativity and pessimism and while all these perspectives are somewhat justified, let’s not lose focus here. Think about how great your life could change if you won the massive payout. Sure, lottery winnings are mainly based on luck, but what’s wrong with having a little faith that you could be the next lucky winner?In this article, we bring you the best strategies to stretch your luck a little further and increase your chances of winning the lottery. Read on.

Play less often but buy more tickets whenever you play

The more you play the lottery, the more you increase your chances of winning. It’s basic Math. If you don’t want to play that often, buy more tickets whenever you choose to play in order to increase your odds for that particular draw. A bonus tip at this point is knowing your lucky numbers. Remember, lotteries are mostly about luck. So if you have any special numbers that mean something to you, then this is the time to use them and stick to your guns.

Consider joining a lottery pool

Don’t be a lone-player. You can set up a syndicate with your friends or colleagues from work and multiply your chances of winning the lottery. Obviously the amount of money you’ll receive in case of a win is considerably lesser but it’s better than going home with nothing at all. Research has shown that most of the largest lottery jackpots are won by syndicates. So why not burgeon your luck too!

Play using quick picks and numbers over 31

Most lottery players play using numbers based on special events and dates such as birthdays. A clever strategy would be to play using numbers over 31. This way, the chances of sharing your winnings are way lower and you’ll probably get to keep all the money.

Don’t shy away from small payouts

A win is a win, no matter how small it is. Lotteries with smaller payouts will often have higher odds of winning.A good place to start would be scratch cards, which are often cheaper to purchase… You can also go ahead and ask around which game has seen the most losses in a particular draw. That would mean that a win is probably about to come up.

Stick to a budget

Real winners know when to quit. Lottery playing is just another form of gambling and if you get too absorbed in the game, it could get addictive leaving you in huge debts. Instead, set a budget on how much money you can afford to dispose by buying lottery tickets and scratch cards weekly or monthly and stick to that limit. This way, it’s easy to keep track of all your progress and balance your wallet without risking too much.

While we can’t guarantee that you will win the main jackpot prize, taking advantage of these free strategies will go a long way to boosting your chances of winning some prizes in the lottery. If you are already feeling lucky, just go ahead and try them out!


Everything You Need To Know About Lotteries

Lotteries have been around for as long as money, and just like any other form of gambling, the business has gone online too to expand its horizons. Though very few people have faith in winning lotteries, the industry still remains one the most common form of gambling in the world.

What is a Lottery?

A lottery is basically a form of gambling that involves winning by drawing numbers. The player selects some numbers while a parallel drawing of numbers is done. If both sets of numbers match, then the player takes the win. In online lotteries, the whole system is automated and all the system numbers are computer generated.


How to Buy a Lottery Ticket Online

Buying lottery tickets online is a rather easy process. First, you need to verify the authenticity of the online lottery service to avoid being scammed. This entails doing a thorough research on the charges on top of the actual ticket price, payment process and all other charges involved. Once you have verified that the online service can be trusted, youwill need to sign up an account. Be keen to provide the correct personal details because those are the only credentials you can use to claim any big jackpot win. Finally, provide a working form of payment and make your first purchase.

As simple as the idea behind lotteries sounds, the stakes of winning the game are very low. For a maximum win, the player would have to guess all the numbers correctly. The complexity of the game, of course, depends on the total numbers required for the draw.Winning a lottery is the perfect definition of tough luck! Here are some of the positive and negative aspects of the game.

Pros of Playing Lotteries

Today, lottery tickets can readily be purchased online. An online receipt is usually offered as proof of the purchase, which makes it easy for the player to detect scams. Unlike most gambling sites, especially casino based sites, lottery sites rarely place any limitations to their games. People from almost all parts of the world can access the lottery games and partake in them. Occasionally, online lotteries will also offer discounts to their tickets to encourage more purchases. This is a perfect chance for you, as the player, to try your luck at a lower risk. Another major point to note is that lotteries often have huge payouts. Sure the chances of winning are low, but should you win, the payout is always tremendous. So it’s safe to say that the risk is worthwhile.

Cons of Playing Lotteries

As said earlier, lotteries are for real gamblers only; the daredevils. The number of possible combinations of numbers required for the win is usually very big, which means that the probability of winning is quite low. Even then, it is not entirely impossible. A major problem affecting lottery winners is financial impotency. Statistics show that over 70% of people who win lotteries hardly benefit from it. Apparently, entrusting an inexperienced person with such a huge sum of money is not a very good idea. Again, just like any other form of gambling, lotteries are prone to fraud and scams. Numerous sham lottery cons exist on the internet. Some first seek to entice potential players with spam emails congratulating them of unrealistic wins while others pose as sellers of advanced systems meant to increase the player’s chances of winning the lotteries. Many people fall for such scams and end up being ripped off.

Playing a lottery, whether online or offline, shouldn’t be a scary process. Just like any other form of wagering, it should remain fun and interesting. Just be sure to remain careful and you will do just fine.


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Why you should by your lottery tickets online

Playing lotteries online allows you to record how much you spend on tickets and avoid long queues. Read on for reasons on why you should play online lotteries.

Statistically, about 60% of global adult population participate in lottery. Most of us have that same dream to have enough money to see us through the rest of our lives. Honestly, we are all not on the same level; a homeless man on the street desires to just have a place he calls his home while the middle class want millions and millions to live on. The only way to achieve our dreams with least effort is to participate in lotteries with tickets available at almost every corner shop in our local town. Playing lotteries online craze has been sweeping across countries for well know reasons. Read on for reasons as to why you should buy your next lottery ticket online.

Limited choice

The largest lotteries are based in US, Australia and Europe. If you are not a resident of the said countries, you wouldn’t go visiting each country to buy a ticket now, or would you? You can participate on such lotteries by just signing up with the lottery provider online and buy your ticket in a few clicks.

Easy to cash out small wins

In most lotteries, billions of lottery wins are not claimed. The massive unclaimed wins figures are usually as a result of unclaimed small lotto wins. To be honest, it is illogical to claim a few pounds keeping in mind the hassle involved. The main upside of playing lotteries online is the fact that winnings are paid automatically; you don’t have to claim them. Online ticketing providers avails a number of options to players in regard to small wins; players can opt to cash out, purchase additional lottery tickets and/or donate to charity all in a click of a button.

No risk of losing your ticket

Imagine what a nightmare it can turn out to be if you win a lottery jackpot only to realize you lost your ticket. Just a few months ago, we all heard of the lucky Powerball winner who won $1 million but unfortunately lost his ticket. Playing lotteries online exempts you from all that stress since all your actions are recorded and hence playing is stress free.

Automated participation

Are you the type of players who buy tickets when the jackpot is beyond a certain figure? Have you ever missed a draw due to time constraints? Well, next time make sure you participate online. Some online lottery provides provide automated options where with just a simple click, you can schedule a ticket to be executed at a later date or when the jackpot is high enough.

Last Word

Playing lotteries online allows you to record how much you spend on tickets and avoid long queues. It is however imperative to play lotteries responsibly especially if you are playing online. Here at LottoRanked, we have partnered with several worldwide and local lotteries to facilitate a seamless gaming experience. If you are toying with the idea of playing lotteries online, take a few minutes to sign up and you will notice the difference. All lottery providers featured on our site have proven track records and hence we guarantee a quality playing experience.


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EuroMillions Superdraw is back!

EuroMillion super-draw gives you a chance to win 130 million pounds on 15th September. Read on for more on Euromillions super draw.

For the first time in four draws, EuroMillions jackpots were won on 1st September for the third time in 4 draws. The jackpot was won by a French player taking the overall winners by country tally to 87. Since its inception in 2004, French players have dominated the jackpot winners pool followed closely by Spain.

For the 1st September draw, the Lucky Stars were 5 & 8 and the winning numbers were 3, 7, 8, 14 and 19.Three other participants,  from Portugal, Spain and UK, matched the five winning numbers and one lucky star to win €344,019 each. Another 5 participants matched the 5 winning numbers to take home €48,075 each.

Prizes won ranged from €4 for 2 matching numbers to €2,672 for 4 matching numbers plus 2 lucky stars.

As it currently stands, France has 5 more jackpot winners over any other country participating in EuroMillions. Spain has a total of 82 winners while UK and Portugal have 68 and 66 winners respectively.

Over the last few weeks, there has been an amazing run of winners after the £40.5 million was landed by yet another French player on 22nd August. A UK player scooped €17 million in the following draw.

This month is expected to be the crescendo of the excitement with the €130 million super draw slated for 15th September. There are a couple of more draws before the super draw.

The 15th September event offers a guaranteed top prize of about £115 million. You may be wondering how the numbers can be known in advance and what it means for the draws in between but we have the answers for you.

How do you know the jackpot top prize?

It is worth noting that the 15th event will be a super-draw. A super draw is the mother of all draws. Other draws that have been taking place throughout the year are just to give players a chance to win lower jackpots before the super-draw. Generally, all countries participating in the draw agree on when a super-draw should be scheduled and a guaranteed jackpot is advertised. Eventually, the top prize is then magnified to match the advertised amount. The size of the previous draw does not come into play as far as the super-draw is concerned.

Can the top prize be won in other preceding draws?

Yes. However, it does not matter whether the jackpot is won in any other draw prior to the super-draw. The top prize will always be raised to match the advertised amount. Therefore, even if the jackpot is won before 15th September, there will still be a €130 million super-draw.

The funds for a super-draw are drawn from the booster fund. The EuroMillions Booster Fund receives 4.8% of the common prize fund. The booster fund ensures that there is always enough money for the €17 million minimum jackpot. To participate in the super-draw, you can either buy a ticket from an authorized dealer or you can just choose your numbers online

Two U.S Postal Service workers win $8.3M Lotto jackpot in New York Lottery

New York Lottery Winners scores $8.3M Jackpot


Elizabeth Kelly, 56, and Randi Bernstein, 63, have been friends for over 20 years but only recently started playing the lottery together, according to the New York Lottery. “I buy the tickets and she checks the numbers,” Bernstein said. When Kelly realized they were winning numbers, she immediately told Bernstein.

The New York Lottery’s Yolanda Vega presented an $8.3 million check to a pair of Lotto jackpot winners from Lido Beach on April 26.

“It was kind of a fluke-y decision we made in the last couple of months,” Bernstein said, a mother of two. “I’m not really sure why we started playing or why we chose Lotto.”


Bernstein spent $2 on four sets of Lotto Quick Picks for the March 18 drawing, and Kelly checked the numbers the next morning in the Sunday paper. When Kelly realized they were winning numbers, she immediately told Bernstein.

“I was in total denial,” Bernstein said, who bought the ticket at Rip’s Cards & Things in Oceanside. “I thought, ‘How could this be?’ And then there was a lot of crying.”
Elizabeth Kelly, 56, and Randi Bernstein, 63, have been friends for over 20 years but only recently started playing the lottery together, according to the New York Lottery. “I buy the tickets and she checks the numbers,” Bernstein said. When Kelly realized they were winning numbers, she immediately told Bernstein.
Bernstein and Kelly chose to receive their payment as cash, with each receiving a one-time payment of $2.7 million.

While Kelly isn’t yet sure how she’s going to spend her share, Bernstein said she plans to replace her old car and have work done on her home.

Lido Beach friends win $8.3M Lotto jackpot | Herald Community Newspapers |


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EuroJackpot winner – 87 million lottery jackpot lands in Tampere, Finland

An all-time record high win in the Eurojackpot lottery has landed in Finland. The lucky winner will receive a colossal 87 million euros. The winning number combination was played in the Lielahti K-citymarket in Tampere.  This week’s 5 + 2 winner receives EUR 86 970 700 to be exact. Main numbers were 6, 22, 33, 46 and 49 and the star numbers 1 and 5.

Eurojackpot is an European-wide lottery played in 17 countries. According to Veikkaus, the state-owned gaming company, the 87 million euro jackpot is Finland’s biggest lottery win ever. The sum is also the third largest Eurojackpot award sum ever, with only two previous 90 million jackpots landing in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Spokespeople of the Finnish Lottery Authority explains that profit is the highest ever come to Finland. The biggest possible sum of EUR 90 million. Eurojackpot has been played in Finland for five years and this time is thee 11th time Finland got the jackpot. Previous, a jackpot worth of € 10 million came in Espoo in May 2016.

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EuroJackPot Lottery Review



$150,000 powerball

The classic Powerball delivers. Maybe not a life changing win, but still a good start on a new house or a really nice car. Powerball is usually that lottery you relate to the really big winnings. The lottery that produces millionaires.

To sign up for a potential Life Changing lottery win, check these reviews out.


Win Trillions

Lotto Kings




Chattanooga resident wins $150,000 powerball | WTVC

The Tennessee lottery says a Chattanooga resident won $150,000 in the Powerball drawing

A Chattanooga resident is $150,000 dollars richer after playing the Tennessee lottery.

The lottery says one winning ticket was sold in Chattanooga, another, in Franklin.

Last night’s Powerball drawing created more than 13 thousand winning tickets in Tennessee, including that $150,000 Power Play winner. Via


Lottery keep rising in March!

Impressing rise by Arkansas lottery. The trend with Lottery is keep increasing. As the family way of enjoy gambling, Lotto is humongous. Millions of people every week are going to the shops to renew their lottery ticket or to participate in a new drawing.

The different characters of Lotteries that is growing are also contributing to the growth.

Here we list the 10 best Lottery sites.


Arkansas lottery shows rise in March over ’16 levels

The day before the month ended, a lottery retailer in Stuttgart sold the winning ticket for the $177 million Mega Millions jackpot.

Total revenue increased from $40.5 million in March of last year to $43.4 million last month, the lottery reported this week in its monthly report to Gov. Asa Hutchinson and the Legislature’s lottery oversight subcommittee.

The lottery’s revenue and net proceeds for college scholarships peaked at $473.6 million and $97.5 million, respectively, in fiscal 2012 before falling for three consecutive fiscal years. With the help of a world-record Powerball run in January 2016, revenues and net proceeds rebounded in fiscal 2016 to $456.3 million and $85.3 million, respectively. read more at


How to stay safe and secure when depositing and choosing gambling provider

Online gambling is not only here to stay — it is only going to continuously grow. Because of this, people need to understand the best ways to make the most out of their gambling experience by remaining as safe as they can. There are a few good ways to go about this and a number of steps that all online gamblers should follow. By accounting for these tips and ensuring that the process is a positive one, people will have no problem placing a bet on any sort of activity, sport of matter that they would like to. In doing this, it will be an overall fun experience, whether a person is playing online slots, an online card game or participating in any other form of betting and gambling.

With this in mind, it is important to tackle a few of the steps in this article, in order to make the most out of an experience setting up an online account and remaining safe through each and every transaction. In this regard, tackle these points and use them in order to get the best case scenario with each bet, each and every step of the way.

Tips For A Safe Online Gambling Experience

Before beginning the process of placing a bet on an online gambling site, people would do well to maximize on every step of the process – from start to finish. With this in mind, apply these tips.

#1: Find an online platform that is trustworthy and certified

Find a website that is trustworthy is half the battle when it comes to online gambling. When selecting an online gambling site, a person needs to do their research accordingly and make sure that they look into all of the reviews available from people who have signed up for accounts. The online gambling site should have a variety of certifications which illustrate their safety practices and security standards. This allows new account holders to feel comfortable with their participation in the site overall. This step is a must which will allow them to move forward with online gambling without any reservations.

#2: Vet their money processes and make sure that they are safe

The money processes for the online gambling site is where the rubber meets the road. This is when people either find a site that they love or realize that they do not feel comfortable. For example, if the site takes debit cards, they should ask for all relevant information, including the billing address and the last three digits on the back of the card. Some people may prefer services such as PayPal for an added measure of security. This allows the opportunity to move forward safely, knowing that everything is in hand.

#3: Make sure to choose a difficult to guess password and lean on the site’s encryption

The encryption of the site is another very important category to hone in on. The site should first and foremost require people to create websites that have strict password regulations. For example, the password should be a certain length, should consist of letters and numbers and should be varied in case. The more that goes into the password, the easier it will be to retain security measures. It is also very important that the website requires members to change their password over the course of certain intervals. This way, they will be able to protect users accordingly without having to worry about accounts being compromised frivolously.

#4: Always note the web address or stay within the platform

There are a lot of schemes that are carried out online as it pertains to creating ghost websites that take information. These websites may look exactly like the gambling site, but may be created by scammers to mimic the site. This is why it is important for a person to look at the web address of the top of the screen and make sure that it is consistent. People should pay careful attention, because they scamming site will replicate the address as close to the actual address as possible. One way to know for sure is to look for any signature or other marking that the actual site uses. In many cases, these sites will also use HTTPS addresses to signify a secured server. When a server is secured, it is far less prone to attacks. Whenever possible, a person should do business with an online gambling site that has its own separate downloadable application or platform, so that the authenticity is unmistakable.

#5: Take sites for a test run before putting down serious cash

When people really want to be safe with online gambling, the best thing to do is to create a test run. Many websites offer free trials and allow people to make the most of the platform without having to wager a lot of their own money. Even with a fully paid membership, It is important to dip a toe in the water with smaller amounts of money, as opposed to going all in right away. This way, people can build a rapport with the website and grow trust.

#6: Make sure that customer service is responsive and professional

Above all, be sure that the company has customer support and service that is responsive. The way that they address issues will illustrate a lot about their ability to keep people safe anytime if you use this online gambling platform. When researching reviews, also pay attention to what people say about their customer service.

By taking these six tips into mind, it will be much easier to find the help and assistance of a web site that will help people to get all that they need out of online gambling. There are a lot of viable online gambling platforms and they all are emerging as competitors in the market place, looking to make the absolute most out of the consumers that enjoy gambling to the fullest. Think about these tips and use them in order to get the most out of any online gambling experience.


$60 million dollar win, and the lucky winner is still unaware..

The state of Arizona’s have got themselves a new millionaire! Providing he gets in touch and claim the win within 180 days..


JACKPOT! Lottery player holding $60 million dollar winning ticket after buying it in Littlefield

LITTLEFIELD, AZ – A lucky lottery player is holding a $60 million ticket after purchasing it in Littlefield, Arizona – and the winner probably doesn’t even know it yet.

According to the spokesperson, this is the first time the state has had a jackpot winner in five years. They person has the option of taking the jackpot through a 30-year annuity or claiming the cash prize of $36.5 million.

Additionally, 11,000 other Arizona players won cash prizes from the Powerball jackpot drawing on Saturday ranging from $4 – $100. JACKPOT! Lottery player holding $60 million dollar winning ticket after buying it in Littlefield – ABC15 Arizona