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Paf Lotteries Overview

Review of is located in the beautiful Nordic country, Aland Islands. This gaming site rates community values highly and puts its money up to prove it’s’ dedication. use the money it earns for charity and other community benefits. Going strong for over 16 years, is a fun site to spend a little free time.

Customers enjoy bingo and many other games on sites and in casinos. People from a variety of backgrounds and income levels play the lottery online. Get in on the fun by opening the computer or tablet and register to play.

About / Background / History

Created in the Aland Islands in 1966, format developed a means of creating profit to support public concerns. This is marvelous for a number of charitable organizations in the region. The high profile International gaming site has at least 200 gaming facilities under its umbrella: bingo, lottery, poker, casino, and slots.

These games are simple to maneuver and are played for money and for fun. The Paf Company has gaming entities on ships and on land. Gaming sites are secure and entertaining for millions of players. Compared to giant lotteries like ‘Powerball’ offers less money but it pays easily and profits go back into the community.

The site is very active and lotto players can log in anytime. In 2015 the company made over 22 million euros in profit giving 20 million to the public. Located in Miriehamn, serves Estonia, Finland, Sweden Italy and Spain with over 400 workers to its credit the site maintains integrity.

Not only is in the Nordic realm of the world, gambling establishment is able to operate in the UK and Eu. Players are able to participate in games across the region. The company has offices established in Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Milan and Madrid.

This company focuses on public lottery interest and is committed to responsible gambling. The money earned on the site is distributed among dozens of public organizations, art, employment and social development, art sports, and youth activities. Customers can feel good about the things being done with profits from lottery games.

Website Design, look and feel

The site is filled with bold color and easy to read font. In Italy, Paf is affiliated with Winga. This television link lets players interact.

Boredom is a foreign language to this site with its modern computer graphics. The games on this channel are accessible to all registered players. The games look as real as if a person was actually playing in a casino.

The fonts are easy to read and the directions on play and help are readily accessible. plays are arranged so players do not require experience to participate. Get online and start having fun.

A chance to get in on nice cash wins is tantalizing and the routes are multiple with games of all types. Play at a steady pace enjoying the games at home, or at work if preferred. The site is reliable and secure.

A new game sometimes brings worries about downloading things into the computer. Do not give it a thought with lotteries. The site format is secure.

Fortunately, for players, there is no particular software required, and since each game can be played in flash mode, there is no reason to download. However, a player still needs to register to enter the player’s field.

Markets, Languages and Currencies

The number of games on this site is not as large as some sites. However, it is one of the preferred sites for thousands of lottery players. It is primarily for those enjoying the lottery from comfortable surroundings.

The PAF in the title stands for “Play among Friends”, this is a great way to meet and have a little fun with people living in distant places. Since the money is given to charitable organizations, the play is always for a good cause. Monies are paid in Euros through Solo, Visa, Neteller, Moneybookers, Nordea, and MasterCard.

The site can negotiate in several, languages, Spanish, English, Finnish, Czech, Russian, and Swedish. Customers naturally feel more comfortable when support teams relate in a language used daily by players. This brings all clientele into the fold.

Learn about the newest games available and the fancy ways to play. Customers may develop an interest in other games and are free to explore. Languages are multiple and so are the currencies.

Find out how other markets are playing the lottery and the cash winnings available in other countries. With, a customer is able to reach into multiple markets and play. This offers more chances to win lottery games.

For customers the choice of selecting more than a few lottery games is refreshing. Picking up tickets in a designated place is restrictive and does not offer the advantage of selection. The multiple currencies, language, and markets make an invaluable asset to lottery players.

Playing on Mobile/ Tablet, iPhone and Android

Unfortunately, mobile devices cannot be used for this sites gaming. The non-download format is great but it is set up for basic computer devices.

Bonus and Promotions

Bonuses are not obtainable in the United States since games are set in Nordic countries. The site has distinct types of games: Hi-lo Hunter, Pick 3 and Power Keno. The site asks 10 pounds for patrons to begin play.

The terms for payout, if a player wins is twice a day. These funds work their way into the customer’s account in 3 to 7 business days. Bonuses are listed in the code. This makes it really tough to know what the bonuses entail.

Games and Lotteries

Play bingo, poker and skill games on the site. The site has games from a mixed group of software dealers is available on the site. A nice selection of scratch cards shows on the site from net entertainment.

The site splits games into categories with 7 types of keno, 3 styles of single player bingo and over 20 brands of scratch cards. A player can try out the games by clicking them on the site. No registration is required for this process.

The game is flexible with the site-offering player’s multiple games plays at one time.
The non-download format eases the need to stay with one particular gaming group. However, a person must be registered to enter the player space.

1. Rabbit Race is a fun race to play with bunnies racing to the finish line.

2. Bingo is fun and a great way to watch winning numbers roll out, hopefully in winning favor.

3. Keno has a special essence on the site. The Asian décor of the game is bright while the game itself is entertaining. Players grow fond of the easy play in this games and more so of the wins.

4. Funky Monkey lets players win money and technical stuff. Maybe a fun gadget will be introduced in the midst of play.

5. Lotto places a number of games on the sites to for customers to enjoy, cannot guarantee a fortune in gold but the fun when playing is intoxicating.

Player Deposits and Withdrawals developed with payment outlet a variety of ways for customers to place money on accounts and to withdraw. The process is simple and hassle-free, money is withdrawn by bank wire and credit cards and payment procedures. The sites executors carefully scrutinize those selected to participate in handling financial transfers.

Not everyone is allowed to manage customer funds.
Adding money and withdrawing money is done through conventional means. Payments are managed by credit cards, and through payment centers like Neteller and MasterCard.

There are other modes these are a few of the more popular. The list of payment methods depends on the country of abode.
The company has help customers transfer money to the site efficiently for some time and has clients in hundreds of cities.

This is a very public concern and answers to the highest authorities in the gaming industry. Quality and reliability are essential in maintaining this lottery community. Make sure the proper items are ready on the site for deposits or withdrawal.

So, complete the registration so any winnings can be loaded onto the account. Thousands use the site, so, get in the group and play with the Internet community and have fun playing the lottery.

Support and Assistance is not monitored 24 hours a day, because of this, there are set times for customers to contact support. The ability to reach this site is designated by email at [email protected] and by phone. The site is so well put together it is unnecessary to monitor it every minute of the day.

All the information required for patrons to enjoy a quality level of play is located and clearly designated on the site. Players always have the option to contact support no matter the issue. A representative will respond as soon as possible.

Players can sharpen lottery skills and play the many games on the site. Players are free to automate the buying of tickets if they choose. The support and assistance team is ready to take care of customer needs.

Any difficulties are handled quickly with care with the customer in mind. A note, the site has a Google account, Facebook, and Twitter. The thought of winning millions of dollars is a great motivator for buying a lottery ticket but not likely on this site.

However, people in Finland, Sweden, and Russia are fortunate to be members of They get to play the lottery, win a few bucks and return money to the community. No matter how far they live from a lottery ticket outlet, they still get to play lottery games and they have the help of experts if they have any questions.

Final Verdict

Players are free to log onto the anytime day or night and play games or buy tickets. The reach for lottery tickets stretches into many countries and the opportunity to play in a large community of lottery enthusiast is quite powerful.

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