Lotto, SuperEna Max

About SuperEna Max Lotto


SuperEna Max is a spectacular Italian based lotto that is run by the national government. With the SuperEna lottery game being an international lotto, earnings keep on growing until winning of a particular jackpot prize occurs. Besides, the SuperEna lotto has three weekly draws that allow participants from all over Europe win lots of money from a total of five awards, non-inclusive of the super jackpot. Prizes won in the SuperEna lotto are some of the best according to the global scale.

A four-leaf clover is used to strengthen the brand name of the SuperEna Max. As much as the prizes that come with the SuperEna Max jackpot are huge, winning a game is as hard as finding a drop of water in the desert. It is through the fixed lottery games that contenders can acquire a lot of money in the long run. Fixed jackpots might exceed a hundred million euros from time to time, money that can change your life as a player that is if you are fortunate enough to win.

Although the probability of winning jackpots in the SuperEna lottery was a bit hard in the past, things have changed for the best in present times. Unlike in previous years when a participant to Enalotto could only play after purchasing paper tickets, advances in technology today allows people to play via the internet.

Whenever a person wins, he is directly contacted by this particular lotto company and is required to withdraw his earnings within a period of ninety days. Failure to this, such an individual forfeits all his earnings.

History of the SuperEna Lotto

Enalotto is an Italian brand that began its operations way before the 1950’s. However, the original brand name of Enalotto was changed to SuperEna Lotto by SISAL in the year 1997. The change that characterizes this Italian lottery organization did not stop here. In 2014, SuperEna Max was born and is still operational to date. Before 2009, the six major numbers required to win a jackpot were a combination of the first numbers drawn from cities like Bari, Florence, Naples, Milan, Palermo, and Rome. These digits appeared as illustrated in the above order. However, the City of Venice always produced the bonus winning number.

Since 2009, the selection of winning numbers takes place in a single power draw. Before 2016, a player would get two entries into the lottery at a price of one euro. However, only one entry is offered at the same cost today. Nothing much has changed as regards to the handling of this lottery. Thus, playing this game is pretty simple. All you need to do is choose six numbers between one and ninety so that you can enter into a jackpot draw. For other tiers, you are expected to input between three and five values. For super prizes, the number of values might increase up to nine digits.

If you as a player match all your numbers, you become guaranteed of a financial success and better future, mainly because the reward that comes with SuperEna Max jackpots is a monumental scale. A higher number of digit entries increase your chances of winning the jackpot, or super jackpot. Although most of these digits placements happen at random, they eventually line up to form the winning prize figure.

Since getting a ticket with additional slots does not cost you much, you are advised to go for tickets that increase your probability of winning the SuperEna Max games.

Over the years, a lot of foreign visitors have been attracted to Italy mainly to participate in the SuperEna lotto game. In turn, this has helped the national government raise more revenue due to a booming tourism industry. The influx in tourism population between 2009 and 2010 came about due to several rollovers and an ever increasing mega jackpot size.

Therefore, no matter your geographical location or financial background, you all have a chance of participating in one of the most rewarding jackpots ever to be created. SuperEna lotto is as convenient as it can get since it is available through an online platform, meaning that you do not have to travel all the way to Italy so as to participate.

Participating Countries

For you to take part in any lottery game, it has to be available in your country of residence. The SuperEna Max, being, an international lottery is available to all countries across the globe. Facilitation to this website is made possible by the internet, a new breakthrough that allows people to buy tickets and participate in the lottery through an online connection. SuperEna Lotto can be accessed through a desktop computer or using a palm gadget like the smartphones owned by a majority of global populations today.

Hence, you do not need to be in Italy so as to participate in the SuperEna lottery. Individuals living in other countries are notified by an online agent of any wins, thus giving equal opportunity to people from all walks of life. For you to play, you ought to have attained at least eighteen years of age.

Weekly Day Draw

The SuperEna Max draws take place on three different days, precisely at 7 Pm GMT. These are on:-

  • Tuesday;
  • Thursday; and
  • Saturday

However, when either of these days falls on a public holiday, the lottery game is rescheduled for the following day. It only costs you two euros to gain access to a valid ticket, a slot that can allow you to win all the prizes available in the lottery at the time. To get the double jackpot feature, you have to part with four euros. Both of these tickets might earn you millions despite the small costs incurred in attaining them.

With the double jackpot feature, you as a player can win twice the amount of money set in the initial reward offer. In instances when there is no winner after these weekly draws, money accrued by SuperEna lotto is rolled over to the next draw thus increasing the relative value of prizes likely to be won in the forthcoming games. For you to participate in a weekly draw, you must ensure that you purchase your tickets before 19:30 CET.

How To Win Jackpot at SuperEna Lotto

Prize Tiers

As soon as you bet on SuperEna lotto, you automatically enter into the official draw. For this reason, you as a player have an equal opportunity of winning a jackpot as compared to another participant who bought tickets entirely meant for acquiring the main prize.

In this lottery, there are five main prize tiers. They include:-

  • Match six numbers;
  • Match five numbers plus the bonus digit;
  • Match a total of five numbers;
  • Match four numbers; and
  • Fill in three figures correctly.

The larger the numbers you write in on your ticket, the higher the probability that you will win the mega prize. Large number entries; therefore, means that six matched numbers can yield you millions of dollars while three digits will only give you a few bucks. However, the more the numbers, then the less likely that you will win the main prize. On the other hand, the fewer the digits then, the more probability that you will emerge the winner in a low ranking prize tier.

When six numbers exist correctly, you as a player might receive around fifteen million dollars as a token of appreciation for a job well done. Five correctly matched numbers including the bonus point earn you not less than one hundred and seventy thousand euros. Five correct numbers attract a reward of five thousand and five hundred euros. For four correctly matched numbers, you are only able to scoop a prize of eighty euros. Finally, five euros is the prize reward for two to three appropriately matched digits.

Therefore, it is apparent enough that many matched numbers always grant you a high bonus turnover. If you win, you ought to verify all your personal details on the SuperEna lotto website before become eligible to withdraw your earnings. Something spectacular about this lottery is that all profits accrued remain tax-free in some countries, whereas others charge a certain percentage. It is, therefore, important that you get to know the tax laws within your state so that you do not break any rules or regulations in the long run.


SuperEna lotto is the king of jackpots. As earlier stated, it has some of the prestigious prizes ever to be won worldwide. At present, there is no rule regulating the size of a pot. As a result, jackpot prizes can grow in both bounds and size, and this is one of the reasons as to why it is very hard for you as a player to win a mega jackpot.

For SuperEna lottery to get the value amount for its jackpot, it designates seventeen point four percent of all prizes and dedicates this amount to act as monetary compensation for any jackpot game won. If no one wins the previous grand prize during a draw, the money is rolled over to a future match. In such a circumstance, players might be forced to compete using nine numbers, of which all must match for you as a participant to be called the winner.

For a bigger and better prize, you might add a superstar number on top of the six recommended jackpot numbers so as to double your earnings, especially if you ever came to win the game. In the past decade alone, lucky players have been able to win super games that are worth more than a hundred and seventy-seven euros. Nevertheless, SuperEna lotto has set the minimum jackpot prize at one point three million euros, a value that can never decline.