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There are a lot of websites where you can play lotteries from around the world, and a lot of them offer a similar selection of lotteries to play in – usually several PowerBalls and then a number of European lotteries on top of that. SplashLotto is no exception, and really this is a pretty run-of-the-mill lottery site except for the fact that they seem to have their registered office in the UK and not some remote island nation where sometimes shady businesses set themselves up – SplashLotto is owned by a UK-based company. While it functions well enough and seems like a legitimate site, the design of does leave much to be desired with its bizarre placement of menus and features in addition the relatively ugly banners on the site. All in all there are a few tradeoffs that you have to make when getting in to the world of playing lotteries online and you may well have to give up a well designed site in favour of a legitimate one. There are certain priorities when you’re looking to be able to participate in international lotteries online, and things like being a legitimate site and working with your payment options tend to take precedence over web design at the end of the day – if you can adjust, SplashLotto does have a lot to offer you in terms of global jackpots.
Apparently there been some lottery scams going by the name Splash Lotto, and these could be confused with because of the name. The latter has a disclaimer on their website that they do not offer their own lottery. As such, it does not appear that there’s any connection between and these sites – there is no reason to doubt that SplashLotto is a legitimate site for participating in various lotteries. You should always do your homework before signing up for any website that has you make a deposit before participating in any gambling or trading – this is true of lottery websites as well as for online casinos and binary options trading. There are a lot of scams and illegitimate websites out which can run off with your deposit or refuse payouts, so there’s no sense in losing your money due to carelessness when choosing a website.

SplashLotto’s website is crowded with flashy banners for different lotteries on offer, and all in all it’s a pretty ugly website even if it is easy to navigate. If you don’t mind the look of lottery tickets themselves when you buy them in their physical form then you might be able to find some appreciation for the aesthetics here but otherwise it’s pretty hard to like. There are a number of sections on the site itself, though these require further navigation around the homepage if you’re new and don’t know where to look for everything (hint: they’re at the bottom). Other than a crowded look that’s really kind of hard to get used to, there are a bunch of offers in the middle of the page in a horizontal menu that tends to get stuck scrolling side to side if you inadvertently wander into it when scrolling down if you’re using a mobile device or any computer with trackpad scrolling features. While you get a lot of different jackpots that you can participate in on SplashLotto, it’s kind of disappointing that they couldn’t hire a decent web designer. If you like a beautifully designed site when participating in international lotteries then this is not the place for you. But if you want a UK-based company with a decent variety then SplashLotto may be good enough for you. Whether or not you find SplashLotto serviceable or not depends a lot on exactly what your priorities are, because this is all subjective. However, we would like to see SplashLotto hire someone who knows how to do web design and improve the look and layout of their site before it can be recommended wholeheartedly.

Given the fact that the site is based in Scotland and that it’s only available in English, one might assume that SplashLotto has a limited global appeal – but that is not actually the case here. You get a decent variety of lotteries and payment options, and there’s no reason to assume that SplashLotto is only interested in onboarding customers from the UK. Obviously you cannot use the site if you’re a citizen or resident of a country that doesn’t allow you to participate in remote lotteries, which means that if you’re from the US then you’re neither part of SplashLotto’s target audience nor will you be able to use the site. Assuming that you’re signing up legally things should work fine regardless of your passport or where you’re based – but potential customers with billing addresses in a country that doesn’t allow remote gambling activities of this nature will find that their transaction cannot be processed and it won’t be possible to sign up either.
Ultimately, if you’re anywhere in United Kingdom and you want online access to a lot of lotteries around the world from a site with a registered address in the UK, then SplashLotto could be a good option for you to look into. If you’re elsewhere in the world and want a legitimate site with a decent variety of lotteries and some nice bonus offers, it’ll still be a good option for you. If you’re a graphic designer or web designer located anywhere in the world though, don’t use SplashLotto. You’ll hate it.

The Lotteries
There’s nothing remarkable here in terms of the selection of lotteries available to play. You get the usual selection of Australian and American PowerBalls and a number of European lotteries, and a handful of others that you might have expected like MegaMillions. If you’re a fan of the big lotteries and want to play as many as you can, SplashLotto could be a great place to meet all of your lottery needs, but if you are a fan of some of the lesser-known lotteries with big payouts then you won’t find them here. For instance, lotteries like Brazil’s Mega Sena have some global appeal and it’s unfortunate not to find that here. If you generally only participate in the more standard options then the variety here will be more than good enough for you.

While mobile apps particularly for iOS and Android are common with online casinos, it doesn’t seem that many lottery websites are following the same trend. On one hand there’s no convenient way to access a website that really isn’t optimised for mobile devices, which can be a pain to access through the browser. On the other hand, how many apps do you have on your phone already? An app which does the exact same things as a website and takes up your phone’s storage isn’t necessarily a good thing – iPhones don’t have expandable storage and many Android apps simply aren’t up to the mark, so you might not want an app. While obviously there is some added convenience with using an app it’s still better to not be harassed with messages like “please download our app from the App/Play Store” every time that you go to the homepage on your mobile device before being redirected. In a day and age when there are so many darn apps for everything it might seem odd that you can’t buy lottery tickets using one, but that’s not always a bad thing because you really don’t need an app for every website you use anyway. It’s always better to use your browser over a poorly designed app anyway, and with SplashLotto’s rather ugly and somewhat bizarre layout we’re kind of glad that they didn’t even try for one.

Every new user to successfully sign up on SplashLotto gets a €2 credit bonus which can be transferred to their account – this is obviously a one-time deal. For every deposit of €200 or more, users get an additional €10 bonus added to their account. On top of these two bonuses, there are additional promotional offers on the site – these include frequent player points that can accrue to be used to purchase additional lottery tickets (which of course mean a slightly higher chance of winning than otherwise). It’s always a great thing when an online lottery site throws in a small bonus with no strings attached and then gives you points on top of that as an added bonus.

Payment Options
There’s no shortage of payment options on, and you get to choose between paying by credit card, wire transfer, or online payments providers such as Skrill and Neteller. Thus it seems that SplashLotto is much like any other site specialising in letting you play in international lotteries in terms of how you can pay. There are only so many ways that you could pay for things like lotteries and gambling online, and most of them work with SplashLotto as well.

Like any other site in the online lottery business, SplashLotto has a live chat feature available to all of its registered users as well as an email address and phone number. There are also two UK addresses listed on the website, so if you’re particularly desperate to talk to them then you could always show up and demand customer service. However, the live chat feature is good because it’s available 24/7 and they’re generally both helpful and responsive to any queries or doubts that you might have. If this still doesn’t answer your questions you always have the option of calling them, but it is often true that telephone-based customer service on lottery sites isn’t always as helpful as you would like it to be. Still, after seeing a few similar sites which do not publicly list their addresses and phone numbers it definitely helps to instil a bit of confidence in SplashLotto’s legitimacy when you get both listed on the site.

Pros and Cons
If you like a beautiful website or want to play in other jackpots from around the world like the Brazilian Mega Sena, then SplashLotto is not for you. If you want a UK-based site that has the usual selection and a number of payment options, then you could give it a try. There’s no mobile app – which is important for some people, but on the other hand it won’t pester you to download yet another app every time you access the site on your mobile browser. Overall, it appears that appeal will depend on your personal preferences.

Goldencasket Lottery review

History of the Golden Casket:

The Golden Casket was founded in 1916 by the Entertainment Committee of the Queensland Patriotic Fund. The original purpose of the lottery was to provide financial assistance to World War I soldiers and their families. The lottery held its first drawing on June 14, 1917.

The name Golden Casket is quite apt given that the lottery’s first prize was a casket of gold valued at £5,000. Tickets for the first drawing cost 5 shillings, and the first winner was John (Jack) Zimmerle from Kingston. Zimmerle’s brother was serving in World War I in France.

Zimmerle didn’t get to keep the casket of gold because cash prizes were illegal in 1917. So in order to get the winner cash, the lottery immediately purchased the casket of gold from the winner for its cash value. Today Zimmerle would have been ineligible to win the prize because he was only 17. But in 1917 his parents were able to petition the lottery to hold his prize in trust until he turned 21.

In 1920 the Queensland government officially took over the Golden Casket lottery. This version of the lottery initially funded 2% of the government’s budget. Over the next 100 years, the Golden Casket grew into today’s lottery that funds many programs that serve the community. In 2016, the lottery added the Lott symbol to indicate that it is part of Australia’s national lottery system.

The Golden Casket Website:

The Golden Casket’s website can be found at The site provides visitors with a wide variety of information about the lottery. The top of each page features a menu bar that provides links to pages with information on:

  • Games;
  • Results;
  • How to play;
  • Buying tickets;
  • The winners circle;
  • About the lottery; and
  • A FAQs page.

The menu button for each page also has a drop-down menu to access various subpages for each category. On the left side of the menu there is always a link to the home page so that users can easily return to the main page no matter where they are at on the site.

The home page provides direct links to purchase tickets for several of the lottery’s games. The home page also provides the most recent results for several games and information on upcoming draws, including projected prizes. There is also a direct link for players to share their winning feeling stories. Finally, the home page also provides links to download the lottery’s IOS and Android mobile apps.

The Golden Casket’s Games:

The Golden Casket offers both draw based games and instant scratch tickets. The lottery’s draw based games are:

  • Gold Lotto;
  • Oz Lotto;
  • Powerball;
  • Set For Life;
  • Lucky Lotteries;
  • The Pools; and
  • Super 66.

Gold Lotto is a traditional lottery draw game. The game has balls numbered 1-45. The lottery draws 6 main numbers plus 2 supplementary numbers. To win the top prize contestants must match all 6 of the main numbers drawn. Gold Lotto draws occur on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. The top prize for the Saturday draw is usually $4 million, but there are also periodic “Superdraws” for $20 million, and a Christmas “Megadraw” for $30 million or more. The top prize for Monday and Wednesday draws is $1 million for up to 4 winners. Gold Lotto also has 5 lower prize levels that are based on picking a combination of the main numbers and the supplementary numbers.

Oz Lotto is a draw game in which players pick 7 main numbers and 2 supplementary numbers. The available numbers range from 1-45. Drawings occur every Tuesday night, and the top prize ranges from $2 million to $50 million or more. To win the top prize, players must have selected on their ticket all seven of the main numbers drawn. Oz lotto also offers 6 smaller prize levels that are based on picking a combination of the main numbers and supplementary numbers.

Powerball draws occur every Thursday evening. Powerball is a draw game with a top prize ranging from $3 million to $50+ million. The Powerball game features two barrels of balls. The first barrel has 40 balls from 1-40. The second barrel contains 20 balls 1-20. To win the top prize contestants must match 6 numbers drawn from the first barrel and the 1 Powerball number drawn from the second barrel. Players can also win one of 7 smaller prizes based on correctly selecting various combinations of the main numbers and the Powerball number.

Set For Life is a draw game that offers a top prize of $20,000 per month for 20 years. The game consists of balls numbered 1-37. Set For Life is a daily game in which 10 balls are drawn. The first 8 drawn balls are the winning numbers, and the last two drawn are bonus numbers. To win the top prize, contestants must match all 8 of the winning numbers. Players can win one of 7 smaller prizes, that are not spread over time like the main prize, by matching various combinations of the winning and bonus numbers. A unique feature of this game is that purchased tickets are valid for draws on seven consecutive days rather than just a single draw.

Lucky Lotteries is a raffle-style game. There are actually two different games that players can choose from. Super Jackpot Lucky Lotteries offers a guaranteed top prize of $100,000, whereas Mega Jackpot Lucky Lotteries offers a guaranteed top prize of $200,000. In Super Jackpot there are 270,000 available numbers. But there are only 200,000 available numbers in Mega Jackpot. Draws occur once all of the numbers for the game have been sold. Each drawing guarantees 10,000+ winners. Each game has 10 prize levels. In Super Jackpot the guaranteed prizes range from $10 to $100,000, and in Mega Jackpot the prizes range from $12 to $200,000. In addition, each game has the opportunity to win free tickets. Finally, once all of the guaranteed prizes are awarded, a jackpot number is drawn. If the jackpot number matches one of the previously drawn guaranteed prize winning numbers, the holder of that ticket wins the jackpot plus their guaranteed prize. For Super Jackpot the jackpot starts at $500,000 and increases by $130,000 for each draw in which it is not won. For Mega Jackpot the jackpot starts at $1 million and increases by $240,000 for each draw in which it is not won.

The Pools is a lottery game that is based on the results of football (soccer) matches. The game offers 5 different prize levels. Draws consist of 6 winning numbers plus 1 supplementary number. To win the top jackpot prize players must match 6 numbers correctly from one game. Winning one of the four smaller prizes is based on matching a combination of the winning numbers and the supplementary number.

Super 66 is played in conjunction with Saturday or Wednesday Gold Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball, or The Pools. When players play one of the listed draw games, they have the option of electing to also play Super 66 for an additional fee. When Super 66 is selected a 6 digit random number is added to the ticket. The Jackpot starts at $16,666.00 and increases each drawing it is not won. The remaining prizes are $6,666.00, $666.00, $66.00, and $6.60. Winning the jackpot requires matching all 6 numbers in sequential order. To win $6,666.00 requires matching the first or last 5 numbers in sequential order. To win $666.00 players must match the first or last 4 numbers in sequential order. To win $66.00 players must match the first or last 3 numbers in sequential order. Finally, to win $6.60 players must match the first or last 2 numbers in sequential order.

Buying Tickets:

The Golden Casket website details several different ways that players can purchase tickets for draw games. Of course, players must be 18 or older to purchase any lottery game through any of the available channels.

First, under the “About” tab in the menu bar, there is a link for finding a retailer outlet. This page allows users to look for the Lott retailers anywhere in Australia. Users can select their State and Neighborhood, or they can enter a postcode or search by a keyword to find outlets.

Queensland residents who are 18 or older can also register for an online account to purchase tickets via the Gold Casket website. The registration page can be found at In order to sign-up users must provide a valid e-mail, a password, their name and date of birth, residence address, and a contact phone number. Customers can also add their “Player Card Number” if they have one. Once successfully registered, players can purchase draw tickets using Bpay or a credit card.

One advantage of registering for an online account is that if a player wins, the lottery will automatically contact them via e-mail or phone to notify them of winning, and will even automatically deposit their winnings into the player’s lottery account. Another advantage is that players can elect to use the website’s “Autoplay” feature so that they never miss a draw. The “Autoplay” feature includes several different options for users to decide when and how long they will play games for, including deciding to play only when their selected game’s jackpot reaches a user defined level.

Under the Golden Casket’s “Buy Lotto” tab users can also download the Lott app for Iphone/Ipad or Android. Users can use the app to purchase tickets for draw games, scan tickets bought in stores, view the latest draw results, and find retail outlets.

Instant Scratch-Its Games:

The Gold Casket website also provides information on the lottery’s Instant Scrat-Its games. Currently, Golden Casket sells instant tickets that range in cost from $1 to $15 each. These games have a wide array of prize offerings. Unlike the draw games, Instant Scratch-Its can only be purchased at Golden Casket retailers.

Website Support:

The Golden Casket Website has several options for obtaining assistance. Under the “About” tab users can select the “Contact Us” page, which provides a telephone contact number, an e-mail customer support form, and both a mailing address and a location for in-person visits. The page also provides users with an opportunity to provide Golden Casket with feedback via the lottery’s complaint process.

Also under the “About” tab, the Golden Casket website offers extensive information on how retailers can become a Golden Casket outlet. In addition, existing outlets can access their account via the “Retailer Web Login” page.


The Golden Casket website provides extensive information related to the lottery’s history and games, how to purchase tickets, support opportunities, and how to become a Golden Casket retail outlet in a format that is easily understandable and which can be easily accessed. Lottery Review

A review for the online casino in British Columbia and Manitoba.
Do you like going to casinos, buying scratch offs and playing the lottery, and you are tired of the long drive there? People all across the world Gamble for many reasons. Whether they play the Lottery, bet on sports or go to the Casinos. Many people would appreciate being able to do the things they like without leaving the house. Websites like lets you gamble legally from the comfort of your own home.

About is an online lottery website that offers a variety of gambling services. started in 2004 and is the only legal website in Manitoba and British Columbia for players to gamble with. The proceeds generated by their website from gambling are recycled back to the Provincial Governments and go towards services like education, health care and community groups throughout Manitoba and British Columbia. Today eighty-eight cents of every dollar goes back to British Columbia and is known as “Play it Forward”. Moving forward became the first regional operated gambling website in North American in June of 2010. They began offering person-person poker in early 2011.
A player from Vancouver won the largest online casino prize ever in late 2010 of $7.6 million from

About The Website has a professional and easy to understand website. It is very easy to navigate. You are able to “Log In” to your account and start playing right away. You are also able to find exactly what you’re looking for, and there is a help button as well as a phone number for you to use to your advantage. The bright colors and unique games are appealing to anyone. You are also able to check the winners from previous games. In addition, they provide promotions for you to use.
While you are visiting the website you are able to look up the Rules and Regulations Respecting Lottery and gaming. This document explains all of the guidelines the British Columbia Lottery Corporation follows. Also included in this document is the rules in which the Player must follow to obtain their winnings. In addition, they offer a “games condition” document for each game (ex. Lotto 6/49 Super Draw Game Conditions).
When you first visit their website and decide you want to play, joining is easy. First, create an account and enter your personal information and bank account number and your good to go. You have to be at least 19 years or older to join and play.

Games and Lotteries Offered.
People have different interests in the casino games they play. That’s why it is great when an online gambling website offers a plethora of different games for you to choose from. offers a wide variety of games for your convenience, including:

• Casino games. Including Blackjack, slots, Roulette, Scratch offs, arcade games and much more.
• Lottery. With prizes in the millions, offers six different lotteries for your convenience. Offering: Lotto 6/49, Daily Grand, Lotto Max, BC/49, Keno, and Pacific Hold’em
• Poker. Offering eight different poker games, including a single and multi-table tournaments, they have got it all. Poker games offered include: Texas hold ’em, SOKO, Seven-card stud, Omaha Hi-Lo, Omaha Hi, Five-card stud, 5 card Draw 7-Ace, and Five-card draw
• Sports Betting. They offer sports betting for your favorite teams. They offer sports betting on hockey, baseball, basketball, tennis, football, golf, soccer and plenty more.
• Online Bingo. You are able to play single or multi-player online bingo. There are three different types of bingo currently with all different jackpot amounts.
• They also offer mini arcade type games like “Go Fish”. now offers their first ever slot bonus jackpot called Powerbucks. This new jackpot offers you a chance to become a millionaire. You are able to play Powerbucks online or on your mobile device. Players who bet between $0.50 to $2.99 per spin have a chance to win a static $1 Million jackpot and players betting $3 and up have a chance to win a progressive jackpot of $1 Million. They have something for everyone to play. They also now offer sports pools. This is a game where you need to pick all the winning teams in order to win or share the prize pool.

Promotions Offered.
People always enjoy a good deal, and promotions are just the way to attract new customers, members, and to keep the existing members interested. offers promotions for most if not all of the games. Promotions include buy-one-get-one deals, incentives to become a member, sports promos, bingo promos and poker promos. So whatever your gambling interest is, they have a promotion for you to enjoy.
Have you ever accidently missed a drawing and your number was picked? offers a subscription service where you can log on to your account, pick the game you want to play, pick your numbers and pick how often you want the drawing to last. You can subscribe to never miss a draw again. This is when you subscribe to draw as long as you have your account. If that is not the right option for you, you can choose to have 2 to 104 consecutive draws for your convenience.

So, what do you do if you win? Sit tight, just like you were in a regular casino and win a big jackpot. An employee would come over to you to confirm your winning. With an online casino, it’s no different. Players who win the jackpots will be contacted by a member of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) team to ask them verification questions to verify that hey are the right winner. Once confirmed, the winner will schedule a time to pick up their check at one of the BCLC offices.

A player is only able to make a withdraw from their account under the specific circumstances: When a player closes their account, if they submit the proper request to withdraw, to correct a payment processing error, if their account exceeds the account balance limit for 72 hours or more, and if the player enrolls in the websites self-exclusion program. Withdraws less than $100,000 are able to be direct deposited into your account. A check will be available for pick-up at a local BCLC location if the withdraw is $100,000 or more. The BCLC may ask for information in order to process your withdraw to prevent fraud and verify your identity.
If the player wishes to obtain a refund, and the original deposit was made by a credit card, the refund must go back onto that credit card.

Saftey and security
People are often worried about their online safety and privacy. uses your personal information for the purpose of the website. Generally accepted industry standards is used to protect your information. Transport layer security (TLS) is used to encrypt your sensitive information(ex. credit cards, bank account info). They set a pre-authorized deposit limit which requires at least 24 hours for a requested increase. They collect your name, address, phone number, and bank account information. They also verify your identity for your safety and security. They also use security questions to prevent someone else from using your account. While you are in a game, you are able to communicate with a customer service representative in the in-game chats. If you are a winner, they take your photograph for publicity. The reasons they collect your information include: registering you for an account, transfer your winnings to your account, send you promotions, communicate with you through your account, to maintain security through their site and much more.

Ways to Play
Not only are you able to access their website on your computer, but you are able to play on your phone or tablet. For added convenience, you are able to play on the go. Whatever your favorite online game is; you now have it at your fingertips.

Support and Assistance
It’s always a great experience when a person is visiting a website, a store or restaurant, and there is a customer service representative there to help. If the player ever finds themselves needing help or support, offers professional support from 7 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week and 24/7 poker support. Being able to have this support ensures that the player can play their favorite games without worry. A customer is also able to leave their feedback to help improve the website.

In this article, it was explained what is, their history, safety, the games they offer, the different ways to play, how to claim winnings and promotions. offers all of a person’s gambling needs. They are a safe and easy to navigate website for anyone to use. A player can be assured that their information is secure when they use this website. From blackjack to slots to sports they have got it all.

Review of

Review of

New South Wales Lotteries, also known as NSW Lotteries, has a long history of providing Australians with lottery tickets both on and offline. NSW Lotteries conducted their first lottery in 1931 and since then they have gone from hosting live in-person drawings outside of the State Lottery Office to offering services online for players to purchase lottery tickets. NSW Lotteries provides online access to players through The Lott website. The Lott functions as a collective place for multiple Australian lotteries to advertise and sell tickets.

The primary market for The Lott website is Australia. All of the lotteries available on the website are Australian and the only currency accepted is the Australian Dollar (AUD). The Lott does offer players translations of guides for playing the different lottery types. The languages available are Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese. The website is fairly easy to use and contains useful information for new and current players. Players can also download apps for iOS and android. This means that users can play the lotteries and access their accounts from their mobile phones or tablets. The Lott users can receive support via phone, email, or mail. Players also have the option to visit The Lott’s office in-person. The Lott website itself has a very informative Frequently Asked Questions page that should provide answers to most questions that users may have.

The lotteries offered by NSW Lotteries are Lotto, Lotto Strike, Oz Lotto, Powerball, Instant Scratch-Its, Lucky Lotteries, Set for Life and The Pools. Each of these lotteries offers unique features and winnings. They also vary in how often and when they are drawn.

Lotto is played on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, with each drawing offering a fairly large prize pool. The prize pool for the Saturday drawing is about 4 million dollars. In addition to that amount, the Saturday drawing also occasionally includes Superdraws that offer players the chance to win 20 million dollars or more. The Monday and Wednesday drawings have at least four winners with a prize of 1 million dollars per winner. If there are more than four winners for the Monday and Wednesday Lottos, the 4 million dollar prize is divided equally among the total number of winners.

Lotto Strike is a game that can be added on to Lotto. Players of Lotto Strike seek to guess the first four Lotto numbers that will be drawn. In order to win, they must select these numbers in the exact order they will be drawn.

Oz Lotto is drawn on Tuesdays and offers a minimum prize pool of 2 million dollars. The game consists of a drawing of nine numbered balls. In order to win, a player’s ticket numbers must match the first 7 numbers drawn. The jackpot for Oz Lotto can be 50 million dollars or more.

Powerball offers a 3 million dollar prize every Thursday. Like Oz Lotto, it can have a jackpot of 50 million dollars or more. Powerball drawings consist of two combined drawings. First six balls are drawn from a total of 40 balls. Then one Powerball is drawn from a total of 20 balls. A player can win by having a ticket with numbers that match both drawings.

Instant Scratch-Its come in a variety of forms. Each Scratch-Its ticket comes with its own instructions that players can locate on the ticket itself. Players can also join the Scratch eClub through The Lott website. This club allows players to enter non-winning Scratch-Its tickets online for a second chance drawing.

Lucky Lotteries functions in a similar way to a raffle. Players can choose between playing The Super Jackpot or the Mega Jackpot. Lucky Lotteries can be played any day of the week in-person at a store that sells tickets, online, or using the Lott App.

Set for Life has draws every day and offers players the opportunity to win 20,000 dollars a month for 20 years. When a player purchases one Set for Life ticket, the ticket counts toward the next seven daily draws. This means that he or she has seven chances to win. The drawing consists of ten numbers selected from a total of thirty seven. In order to win, all ten numbers drawn must match the player’s ticket.

The Pools is a unique lottery where winnings are based on the outcome of European and Australian soccer matches. Players select their numbers based on what teams they think will win or lose. Tickets can be purchased with numbers that are selected either at random or by the player.

In addition to the purchase of single entry tickets, The Lott website also allows players to purchase system entries. With system entries, players can select up to 20 numbers to play within a game. The selected numbers will then be played in different combinations within the same game. This provides the player with multiple chances to win. The Lott provides players with the option to play with systems ranging in size from seven to 20 on The Pools, Lotto, and Powerball lotteries. Oz Lotto can be played in systems from size eight to 20. Playing these games in a system allows the user to significantly increase the number of his or entries. For example, playing Oz Lotto in a system of 20 gives the user 77,520 total entries. Players have the option to select the numbers for their system entries or they can use Quick Pick to select the numbers at random.

Users can purchase tickets on The Lott website in a few simple steps. First, a player must select which game he or she would like to play. The player will then select how many draws of the game or she would like to play as the website allows users to enter the same drawing multiple times if they wish. The player will then either enter the numbers he or she would like to play in the game or will select a Quick Pick game in which the numbers will be randomly selected. If the player wants to purchase multiple tickets, the purchase page allows the user to see the total cost of all of the tickets he or she would like to purchase before completing the transaction. The shopping cart will contain the tickets the player wishes to buy and can easily be edited. The shopping cart only allows twenty tickets to be purchased at one time. After the player has purchased his or her ticket, The Lott will send the player an email that contains the ticket number of the purchased ticket so as to confirm its purchase. After lotteries have been drawn, players can view the results on The Lott website. The Lott also allows users to sign up to receive free email alerts regarding lottery results.

Another useful feature of The Lott website is that it allows users to view a complete history of their transactions and tickets. The transaction history can be accessed on the account menu. It lists the user’s deposit and withdrawal amounts, purchases, winnings, and the dates on which these things took place. Players can also view their current account balance on this page. The ticket history page can also be accessed via the account menu on The Lott website. This page provides details regarding ticket purchases including the ticket numbers.

The Lott offers a Players Club that users can join either via their website or in person at an NSW Lotteries Outlet. Players who create an online account with The Lott are automatically mailed membership cards to the club. The card can be activated by going to the Players Club tab on The Lott website and paying the membership fee. Players who wish to apply in person can complete an application at a participating outlet where lottery tickets are sold. They will be given a temporary Players Club membership card at that time and will then receive a permanent card in the mail.

The Players Club can be joined for one, two, three or five years depending on the player’s preference. One year memberships cost five dollars, two years costs nine dollars, three years costs ten dollars, and five years costs fifteen dollars. Players Club members receive multiple benefits such as the ability to store up to fifty of their favorite lottery numbers on their membership card. Members are also eligible for the $1,000 x 7 monthly bonus draw. In this drawing, players can register any lottery ticket that they purchase and will receive one drawing entry per dollar spent on the ticket.

The Lott limits the amount that a player can spend on online tickets to 1,000 dollars (AUD) per month. Users can request that this limit be increased by contacting customer support. The minimum deposit amount is ten dollars per transaction for deposits made using credit card or BPAY. The maximum deposit amount varies. Deposits can be made using credit or debit card, BPAY, direct deposit, or check. Withdrawals can be made using Online Direct Credit to an Australian bank account, by check, or by bank draft. Before a user can withdraw funds, the user must provide proof of his or her age, identity and residential address. After The Lott has received this information the withdrawal will be processed in two business days.