SplashLotto.com Lottery Review

About SplashLotto.com
There are a lot of websites where you can play lotteries from around the world, and a lot of them offer a similar selection of lotteries to play in – usually several PowerBalls and then a number of European lotteries on top of that. SplashLotto is no exception, and really this is a pretty run-of-the-mill lottery site except for the fact that they seem to have their registered office in the UK and not some remote island nation where sometimes shady businesses set themselves up – SplashLotto is owned by a UK-based company. While it functions well enough and seems like a legitimate site, the design of SplashLotto.com does leave much to be desired with its bizarre placement of menus and features in addition the relatively ugly banners on the site. All in all there are a few tradeoffs that you have to make when getting in to the world of playing lotteries online and you may well have to give up a well designed site in favour of a legitimate one. There are certain priorities when you’re looking to be able to participate in international lotteries online, and things like being a legitimate site and working with your payment options tend to take precedence over web design at the end of the day – if you can adjust, SplashLotto does have a lot to offer you in terms of global jackpots.
Apparently there been some lottery scams going by the name Splash Lotto, and these could be confused with SplashLotto.com because of the name. The latter has a disclaimer on their website that they do not offer their own lottery. As such, it does not appear that there’s any connection between SplashLotto.com and these sites – there is no reason to doubt that SplashLotto is a legitimate site for participating in various lotteries. You should always do your homework before signing up for any website that has you make a deposit before participating in any gambling or trading – this is true of lottery websites as well as for online casinos and binary options trading. There are a lot of scams and illegitimate websites out which can run off with your deposit or refuse payouts, so there’s no sense in losing your money due to carelessness when choosing a website.

SplashLotto’s website is crowded with flashy banners for different lotteries on offer, and all in all it’s a pretty ugly website even if it is easy to navigate. If you don’t mind the look of lottery tickets themselves when you buy them in their physical form then you might be able to find some appreciation for the aesthetics here but otherwise it’s pretty hard to like. There are a number of sections on the site itself, though these require further navigation around the homepage if you’re new and don’t know where to look for everything (hint: they’re at the bottom). Other than a crowded look that’s really kind of hard to get used to, there are a bunch of offers in the middle of the page in a horizontal menu that tends to get stuck scrolling side to side if you inadvertently wander into it when scrolling down if you’re using a mobile device or any computer with trackpad scrolling features. While you get a lot of different jackpots that you can participate in on SplashLotto, it’s kind of disappointing that they couldn’t hire a decent web designer. If you like a beautifully designed site when participating in international lotteries then this is not the place for you. But if you want a UK-based company with a decent variety then SplashLotto may be good enough for you. Whether or not you find SplashLotto serviceable or not depends a lot on exactly what your priorities are, because this is all subjective. However, we would like to see SplashLotto hire someone who knows how to do web design and improve the look and layout of their site before it can be recommended wholeheartedly.

Given the fact that the site is based in Scotland and that it’s only available in English, one might assume that SplashLotto has a limited global appeal – but that is not actually the case here. You get a decent variety of lotteries and payment options, and there’s no reason to assume that SplashLotto is only interested in onboarding customers from the UK. Obviously you cannot use the site if you’re a citizen or resident of a country that doesn’t allow you to participate in remote lotteries, which means that if you’re from the US then you’re neither part of SplashLotto’s target audience nor will you be able to use the site. Assuming that you’re signing up legally things should work fine regardless of your passport or where you’re based – but potential customers with billing addresses in a country that doesn’t allow remote gambling activities of this nature will find that their transaction cannot be processed and it won’t be possible to sign up either.
Ultimately, if you’re anywhere in United Kingdom and you want online access to a lot of lotteries around the world from a site with a registered address in the UK, then SplashLotto could be a good option for you to look into. If you’re elsewhere in the world and want a legitimate site with a decent variety of lotteries and some nice bonus offers, it’ll still be a good option for you. If you’re a graphic designer or web designer located anywhere in the world though, don’t use SplashLotto. You’ll hate it.

The Lotteries
There’s nothing remarkable here in terms of the selection of lotteries available to play. You get the usual selection of Australian and American PowerBalls and a number of European lotteries, and a handful of others that you might have expected like MegaMillions. If you’re a fan of the big lotteries and want to play as many as you can, SplashLotto could be a great place to meet all of your lottery needs, but if you are a fan of some of the lesser-known lotteries with big payouts then you won’t find them here. For instance, lotteries like Brazil’s Mega Sena have some global appeal and it’s unfortunate not to find that here. If you generally only participate in the more standard options then the variety here will be more than good enough for you.

While mobile apps particularly for iOS and Android are common with online casinos, it doesn’t seem that many lottery websites are following the same trend. On one hand there’s no convenient way to access a website that really isn’t optimised for mobile devices, which can be a pain to access through the browser. On the other hand, how many apps do you have on your phone already? An app which does the exact same things as a website and takes up your phone’s storage isn’t necessarily a good thing – iPhones don’t have expandable storage and many Android apps simply aren’t up to the mark, so you might not want an app. While obviously there is some added convenience with using an app it’s still better to not be harassed with messages like “please download our app from the App/Play Store” every time that you go to the homepage on your mobile device before being redirected. In a day and age when there are so many darn apps for everything it might seem odd that you can’t buy lottery tickets using one, but that’s not always a bad thing because you really don’t need an app for every website you use anyway. It’s always better to use your browser over a poorly designed app anyway, and with SplashLotto’s rather ugly and somewhat bizarre layout we’re kind of glad that they didn’t even try for one.

Every new user to successfully sign up on SplashLotto gets a €2 credit bonus which can be transferred to their account – this is obviously a one-time deal. For every deposit of €200 or more, users get an additional €10 bonus added to their account. On top of these two bonuses, there are additional promotional offers on the site – these include frequent player points that can accrue to be used to purchase additional lottery tickets (which of course mean a slightly higher chance of winning than otherwise). It’s always a great thing when an online lottery site throws in a small bonus with no strings attached and then gives you points on top of that as an added bonus.

Payment Options
There’s no shortage of payment options on SplashLotto.com, and you get to choose between paying by credit card, wire transfer, or online payments providers such as Skrill and Neteller. Thus it seems that SplashLotto is much like any other site specialising in letting you play in international lotteries in terms of how you can pay. There are only so many ways that you could pay for things like lotteries and gambling online, and most of them work with SplashLotto as well.

Like any other site in the online lottery business, SplashLotto has a live chat feature available to all of its registered users as well as an email address and phone number. There are also two UK addresses listed on the website, so if you’re particularly desperate to talk to them then you could always show up and demand customer service. However, the live chat feature is good because it’s available 24/7 and they’re generally both helpful and responsive to any queries or doubts that you might have. If this still doesn’t answer your questions you always have the option of calling them, but it is often true that telephone-based customer service on lottery sites isn’t always as helpful as you would like it to be. Still, after seeing a few similar sites which do not publicly list their addresses and phone numbers it definitely helps to instil a bit of confidence in SplashLotto’s legitimacy when you get both listed on the site.

Pros and Cons
If you like a beautiful website or want to play in other jackpots from around the world like the Brazilian Mega Sena, then SplashLotto is not for you. If you want a UK-based site that has the usual selection and a number of payment options, then you could give it a try. There’s no mobile app – which is important for some people, but on the other hand it won’t pester you to download yet another app every time you access the site on your mobile browser. Overall, it appears that appeal will depend on your personal preferences.