Top 5 Lottery Winning Strategies


Winning the lottery is a topic surrounded by all sorts of negativity and pessimism and while all these perspectives are somewhat justified, let’s not lose focus here. Think about how great your life could change if you won the massive payout. Sure, lottery winnings are mainly based on luck, but what’s wrong with having a little faith that you could be the next lucky winner?In this article, we bring you the best strategies to stretch your luck a little further and increase your chances of winning the lottery. Read on.

Play less often but buy more tickets whenever you play

The more you play the lottery, the more you increase your chances of winning. It’s basic Math. If you don’t want to play that often, buy more tickets whenever you choose to play in order to increase your odds for that particular draw. A bonus tip at this point is knowing your lucky numbers. Remember, lotteries are mostly about luck. So if you have any special numbers that mean something to you, then this is the time to use them and stick to your guns.

Consider joining a lottery pool

Don’t be a lone-player. You can set up a syndicate with your friends or colleagues from work and multiply your chances of winning the lottery. Obviously the amount of money you’ll receive in case of a win is considerably lesser but it’s better than going home with nothing at all. Research has shown that most of the largest lottery jackpots are won by syndicates. So why not burgeon your luck too!

Play using quick picks and numbers over 31

Most lottery players play using numbers based on special events and dates such as birthdays. A clever strategy would be to play using numbers over 31. This way, the chances of sharing your winnings are way lower and you’ll probably get to keep all the money.

Don’t shy away from small payouts

A win is a win, no matter how small it is. Lotteries with smaller payouts will often have higher odds of winning.A good place to start would be scratch cards, which are often cheaper to purchase… You can also go ahead and ask around which game has seen the most losses in a particular draw. That would mean that a win is probably about to come up.

Stick to a budget

Real winners know when to quit. Lottery playing is just another form of gambling and if you get too absorbed in the game, it could get addictive leaving you in huge debts. Instead, set a budget on how much money you can afford to dispose by buying lottery tickets and scratch cards weekly or monthly and stick to that limit. This way, it’s easy to keep track of all your progress and balance your wallet without risking too much.

While we can’t guarantee that you will win the main jackpot prize, taking advantage of these free strategies will go a long way to boosting your chances of winning some prizes in the lottery. If you are already feeling lucky, just go ahead and try them out!