About The Viking Lottery

An Exclusive Insight On The Viking Lotto Game
Viking Lotto is a unique lotto game played across the Scandinavian countries of Latvia, Sweden, Estonia, Iceland, Finland, Lithuania, Denmark, and Norway. It is one of Europe’s longest-running multinational lottery game. Since its inception in 1993, many lottery players across all Northern European countries have often battled against each other to become the next champion of the draws!

A Viking Lotto is simply a typical draw-style lotto game (jackpot) that is done by selecting six unique lottery balls numbers out of 48, often called a combination. After that, two additional numbers will be drawn again. If the six numbers are correct, the player wins. The lotto is held on Wednesdays evenings at Norsk Tipping, Hamar in Norway and broadcast on television and radio in the other countries.

For every time that there is a failure, the jackpot would roll over and get added to the jackpot for the following draw. It makes it increase in the size and figure for earnings. The Lucky Number is often rolled over if not won as well. It will also be added to the prize fund for the next draw.

What makes the Viking Lotto unique is that the prize of the Jackpot is often the same in all the eight countries. The lower tier prizes are often different. The Participating countries often decide what the other prizes in all other prize tiers should be. It is a little bit distinct from other forms of lottery in Europe. For example, in the EuroMillions and EuroJackpot, all countries give out the same kinds of prizes to their winners.

History of the Viking Lotto

The Viking Lotto began as the first multi-national lottery in March 1993 by Norsk Tipping. Norsk Tipping set up the lotto in such a way that it would attract players from other Scandinavian countries and increase the turnovers of each country’s national lottery as well. They started with five countries Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and Sweden which was known as the Lotto Bloc. On March 22nd, 2000, Estonia Lottery company joined the Viking Lotto bloc and began offering the Viking Lotto to its players. In 2011, Latvia and Lithuania joined the list of countries, making it a total of eight countries. From the onset of the Viking Lotto, it was very successful. In March 2000, the participating countries increased to six. The recent joining of Lithuania and Latvia helped make the jackpots increase. The Viking Lotto has become so popular in all these Scandinavian countries such that its popularity has also overthrown fifty percent of all other lottery games in all the countries. In the beginning, players dad to be residents of the Scandinavian country to play the Lotto. However, the advent of online lotto tickets now made it easy for anyone from the rest parts of the world to play and win.

Due to the uniqueness of the Viking lottery, several countries have given it their nicknames. The people of Denmark call it the Onsdags Lotto; the people of Iceland, call it Víkingalottó; The people of Finland call it Veikkaus Viking Lotto; The people of Sweden, Norway and Estonia only call it the standard name, Viking Lotto. In Sweden alone, there is an outstanding fact that the Viking Lotto has attracted about 53% of all the total players throughout the countries. The total number of the 53% is often summed up to about 2.4 million people while the total number of individuals playing it worldwide have often been summed up to 3.7million people. However, with the rise of online channels, the number is expected to drastically increase.

Participating Countries in Viking Lotto

As mentioned earlier, the current countries currently playing the Viking Lotto are the eight Scandinavian countries of Latvia, Sweden, Estonia, Iceland, Finland, Lithuania, Denmark, and Norway. To check the results of the Viking Lotto, players can also visit websites of some of the online lottery companies that are participating in it. Most of the proceeds from the sold Viking Lotto tickets often goes to great causes in all the participating Scandinavian countries, and the majority of the country dwellers often benefit from it. Each country uses its allocation to promote different charities and development organizations.

Weekly Day Draw

The Viking Lotto game is played once a week. A player has the chance to win so many millions only one time every week. The Viking Lotto draws always held on Wednesday evenings around 8:25 pm in Norsk Tipping, Hamar, Norway, and the results are often broadcast live on television and radio amongst the participating countries. The innings are often paid in cash. Thus the players are often not required to pay any form of tax.

If you want to play a weekly day draw of the Viking Lotto game, the player is eligible to buy the Viking Lotto tickets every weekday up until 7 pm CET on Wednesdays. After buying the ticket, a player needs to fill a form called the Viking Lotto form. On the form, the player has to select any six numbers between numbers 1 to 48. If these six numbers are correct, the player will win an instant Jackpot. After selecting the six numbers, the player gets to draw a lucky number from the 42 numbers that are remaining. This lucky number is what will be used to determine what the second category prize would be.

For the online Viking Lotto players, they can either purchase single tickets for a particular country’s Viking Lotto draw. Regular players often act smarter by buying at least two tickets in a multiple draw situation to have two options of winning.

The first alternative of winning is through a method called Subscription; For players that choose this option, their selected numbers will be entered automatically in the next Viking Lotto draw. During the 10th draw, the player will have a free participation.

The second option of winning is for players to buy the Viking Lotto tickets for various drawings to achieve a multi-draw form. This form would enable the players to have their lucky numbers in a preset of 5, 10, 25 or 52 drawings. A significant advantage of the multi-draw form is that the player gets to pay less for the country draw that the draw form is eligible.

Other advantages include joining the VIP Club, the Big, the Smart and other various clubs on the online lottery channels.

How To Win at MegaMillions

Reward Tiers

The odds of getting to hit the jackpot in the Viking Lotto are very competitive, especially amongst all other lottery services. The odds are usually 1 in 12,271,512, and there are five different ways that a player can win. There are also several prizes to be won each week.

The first level price is the jackpot, which is only won after the player correctly chooses six numbered balls. The odds for the second tier price is 1 in 1.02 million for correctly matching 5 of the main selected numbers and additional numbers. The odds of a 3rd level price is 1 in 48696 for correctly matching 5 of the chosen numbers. The odds for a 4th level price are 1 in 950 for matching 4 of the selected numbers. The odds for a 5th and 6th level prize are 1 in 53 for matching 3 of the main selected numbers.

For the winning players, they need to make their winning claims within 365 days of the date of the draw before the application becomes invalid. The eight Scandinavian countries have their criteria on how much winnings can be paid at the retail outlet that the player purchased the ticket. Each country also has standards on the level of the prize that the player needs to contact the lottery company directly. If played online, the country and amount won is not a challenge at all. The online lottery sales company where the ticket is bought will make sure that all the details are covered up.

Players can also receive free Viking Lotto results online by signing for email notifications on the selected websites. The results can be viewed via the Viking Lotto mobile app which is available on mobile devices such as Android, iPad, and iPhone. On the app, the player is granted instant access to all the results and information about the Viking Lotto across all the member countries. The winner can even see results for the last ten draws that were held, check the winning numbers, see the next draw schedule and also select their own six magic numbers! Playing online via the website or a mobile device is very easy and fun. All that is required of the player is to win a debit or credit card, Neteller, WebMoney, Skrill or any other accredited payment method.

Viking Lotto Jackpots

Since the inception of the Viking Lotto, there have been several jackpots. The biggest so far was in March 2013 when an anonymous player living in Troms, Norway won a huge sum of NKr 216.12 Million (approx. €25 Million). The 2nd biggest jackpot occurred on January 18th, 2012. The winner won the huge sum of NKr 189.7 million. The Jackpot got increased after a lucky number was chosen. The Lucky number was the same number of one the leading six selected numbers. Four Norweigan layers shared this prize, and the winning numbers from the draw were: 23, 25, 26, 31, 36, 45. Onus numbers were 13 and 18. Lucky number was 45.

Another big win was made by a man from Austheim, Hordaland, Norway. He won about NKR 63243500. Another was recorded on August 17th, 2005 when a DanskSpil player from Aarhus, Denmark won about Dkr 48,221393. In 2010 a Norway Lottery player living in Skedsmo won Nkr46, 491, 896. In January 2005, an Onsdags player from Denmark won Dkr 42, 205, 648 via a lucky number while playing with the Dansk spil.

The television channels where the draws are broadcast are NORWAY- NRK1; SWEDEN-YLE TV1; SWEDEN-MTV3; FINLAND-YLE TV1; FINLAND- MTV3; DENMARK- DR1; ICELAND- RÚV; ESTONIA- YLE TV1; LATVIA- LTV1; LITHUANIA- TV3.

Playing the Viking Lotto is fun. However, if you have addiction problems, you might not enjoy playing it at all.